15% Off All Footwear This Weekend Only!

Get ready for another amazing weekend offer from Blue Banana.  This week all of our footwear will be available with an incredible 15% off so no matter what shoes or trainers you buy from our women’s footwear or men’s sections, they’ll be at an amazing price.  On top of this, we’re giving away a FREE Blue Banana Electro Killer belt with every single order.  This means that not only will your cool sneakers draw attention from passers-by, people will love your brand new accessory too.  Now you might be thinking there’s a catch here, but there isn’t.  Every single pair of shoes we sell has a whopping 15% off, including Iron Fist, Converse and Osiris.  Don’t miss on this unbelievable deal – remember it’s for one weekend only.

Free Belt With All Shoes This Weekend

Our range of footwear is one of the most comprehensive on the market so you can be sure that you’ll find something you love, especially with 15% off!  We have men’s alternative footwear including hi-top shoes and cool New Rocks boots.  For the women, we have an even bigger selection – something we’re sure you are glad about ladies!  Canvas shoes, slip on trainers, flats and the all important high heels are all available for your delectation to ensure you’ll find something you like.  And don’t forget that all of them come with a funky free belt too.  If you’ve been looking for some new footwear for ages and can’t find what you’re looking for, browse our range and the problem will be solved.

Discounted Shoes and Trainers

For three days only we are giving you a can’t-miss opportunity to get some mind-blowing men’s boots with an unbelievable 15% off.  And remember, there are no hidden clauses or surprise costs.  Every brand and every pair of shoes we sell is discounted so that you can save some pennies and get an awesome pair of heeled boots.  Combine this with our secure payment system and speedy delivery service and you are on to a winner.  And one of the best things about this deal is the awesome free belt you get too.  It’s cool, funky and bright so that you no longer have a boring pair of jeans but something that everyone will stop and stare at.  All of this is for one weekend only, so get shopping!

Written By BlueBanana