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How would you describe your blog/YouTube channel to someone who has never seen it before?

My YouTube channel is somewhere likeminded people can go to be themselves. My aim is to constantly show people how I am choosing to live my own life unapologetically, which hopefully encourages others to do the same! I tend to vlog most about my daily life, current interests, fashion finds, favourite trends and honest thoughts. I think most people with an expressive style and light-hearted nature can enjoy my content. 

I'm always keeping things fresh so I'd like to think of my channel as organised chaos. It lacks a theme and is a little bit unstructured but I think that suits my personality well! Visiting my channel is like going to visit a good friend - you don't exactly know what you're going to chat about, but you know that you will have a fun time doing it. I love the idea of taking my audience out of their usual day-to-day grind for just a few minutes so that we can catch up.

How did you develop your fashion style? Was there a moment of discovery for you?

I remember noticing from a really young age that I didn't want to shop at the same places as my friends. I wasn't even interested enough to give them a chance. The idea of fashion was such a bore to me. I didn't even recognise some of the names of places I would hear my friends mention. You would never find me looking at my school friend's outfits and get excited about their shoes, jeans or dresses. I simply wasn't surrounded by fashion I enjoyed until I actively went looking for it. 

I was in awe the moment I found my very first alternative online clothing store. I DIDN'T hate fashion - I just hadn't found it yet! I would spend hours and hours at 13 years old scrolling through clothes I had never seen in real life before. It amazed me that there were people out there who didn't want to wear what everybody else was wearing... Goth, heavy metal, Cyberpunk, emo, Lolita, grunge, punk. There was so much more to fashion than picking up the latest magazine and wanting whatever all the celebrities were wearing. 

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start their own blog? 

Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Don't do it for fame, money, to receive free things, or because everyone else is doing it. Firstly, you are never guaranteed any of those things. Secondly, people can suss dishonesty quicker than you think. Lastly, you'll give up sooner than it takes to become successful. But, if you live and breathe the blogging world, photography, videography or writing and you believe you have the creativity that the world needs, then start right now! 

The only thing you require to start your own blog is to be passionate about whatever it is you are blogging about - otherwise you will get bored and quit. I promise you that passion and commitment is the only thing you need to set yourself on to a successful journey! 

NinkComPoop’s Hair Dye Tips & Successes 

We know NinkComPoop loves to try out new hair colours. Check out her latest hair dye video here. So who better to ask for some hair dyeing advice? 

There is SO much I could say here! Firstly, choose a towel that you can use exclusively for hair dying, that way you don't have to worry about ruining your favourite towels again. You could even have more than one dedicated hair dye towel - one for your hair, one for your shoulders, one for the floor, etc. Secondly, buy a BIG box of gloves. You will need them! The worst thing is getting ready to dye your hair before realising you don't have any gloves to do it. If you buy in bulk, you'll never come across that problem.

Similarly, buy your bleach powder and peroxide (things you need to lighten old hair colour) in bulk too. This way, whenever you go to refresh your roots or change hair colour, you'll simply need to grab it from the cupboard. You save a lot of money by doing this too if you purchase big tubs.

Next, and maybe most importantly, always do your research before setting out on your new hair dye journey. Get your facts straight about what colours probably won't mix well, which dye brands are best for certain jobs, which exact shade will help with your hair colour transition, what colour is best to avoid after your previous colour, how to avoid hair damage, etc.

There is SO much to learn but these days we don't need to pay a professional to tell us how it is all done! Lastly, for as long as you've got a colour in your hair that you want to keep vivid, ALWAYS wash it with cold water.

What has been your favourite hair colour and why?

Red has been my staple colour for years. It was the very first bright colour I ever went. Since then, I've taken small breaks every so often from the red to go other adventurous colours. However, every time I switch it up people always ask me why I did it and say something like "BUT I LOVED YOUR RED HAIR!". It did bother me at first because changing hair colour can take a lot of work, but hey, people were just being honest! After all, I did think I suited red best too. It just makes me feel most myself, and really compliments my skin/eye colour. It is also the easiest vibrant colour to match with outfits.

NinkComPoop’s Top 5 Hair Dyes 

My definite favourites are: 

All of those shades hold really fond memories to me. I could tell you what hair colour I had at certain points in my life better than I could tell you what year it was!

<![CDATA[Save On Our 2018 Back To School Fashion]]> https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/back-to-school-fashion February 16, 2018 14:19 https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/back-to-school-fashion This weeks promotion at Blue Banana is one that can't be missed! If you're in need of some alternative back to school fashion or are just in dire need of revamping your style; this promo will serve you wonders. For one week only you'll be able to treat yourself or a loved one to UP TO 60% OFF our back to school range! That includes the ultimate school fashion from bags and backpacks, shoes and accessories! 


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<![CDATA[Check Out The Full Lineup For Leeds & Reading Festival 2018]]> https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/leeds-reading-festival-2018 February 13, 2018 09:41 https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/leeds-reading-festival-2018 Did you hear the latest news? Leeds and Reading festival has been on all of your radars for a while but now we finally have the full lineup. Lovers of alternative music and new pop will rejoice in being able to see some of the best bands with their latest material at the Leeds & Reading Festival 2018

With this in mind we're here to show you the amazing Reading line up and a couple of our favourite acts that are taking the center stage. Not only this, but we'll show you why we love them, how to prepare with some epic official band merchandise, and why they ultimately deserve a place at Reading Festival 2018.

Check out the epic lineup for yourself below and get yourself a ticket for the 3 day music binge here!

New Fallout Boy At Leeds & Reading Festival 2018

Although it's unquestionable that Post Malone is a great artist, we feel that the stars of the Reading on Friday and Leeds on Saturday will be the amazing Fall Out Boy. At this years Reading lineup we're sure that we won't only be in for a kick ass show; but also an insight and sneak peak to some live material from their newest album "Mania". If you wan't to find out in detail why we hold this alternative band as one of the best, check out our 'Embrace The Mania' blog post here!

If you want a quick track that gives you a full feel of what this band is really about, check out this video: 

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<![CDATA[We've Added Even More Options To Our Skinny Jeans Range]]> https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/new-skinny-jeans-range February 12, 2018 16:09 https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/new-skinny-jeans-range


They're perhaps the most common style of trousers in the world. With many different colours, styles and fits, its easy to see why everyone loves Jeans so much. For those who love the alternative scene, the best choice is often Skinny Jeans which look great with band tees, vest tops, long jumpers and cropped tops alike. With so many skinny jeans outfits out there, its time that you get yourself a brand new pair of these amazing trousers. To help you pick the next addition to your wardrobe, we've put together a quick list of our favourite skinny jean styles on our website including a number of options that are brand new to our store, so you won't have seen them before.

Skinny Jeans For Men

If you're the kind of guy who constantly wears a pair of jeans when they go outside, you definitely aren't alone. It's so easy to get a fashionable look with a pair of skinny jeans. Just take a look at these awesome Criminal Damage skinny jeans for men. These three are all new designs in our store and each have their own special value. The Notting Spray Skinny Fit Jeans are a lighter, bleach blue skinny denim style for guys who like to wear brighter colours. These would look great with a white tee or any light coloured top.

The Carnaby Spray Skinny Jeans have a darker blue effect with a distressed effect. The knee and thigh have a faded effect and there are a few patches so they look worn in. This is perfect for anyone who wants to look more rugged. We would recommend these for anyone who loves rocking a band tee. These jeans will be right at home in the crowds of a concert or at a party.

You could go even darker with a pair of Regent Spray Skinny Jeans which have two big distressed patches that look totally badass. The thighs are also slightly lightened but it looks much more subtle than the Carnabys. Darker coloured tops will suit this look, but you can also make a bright and vivid statement with your other clothing to contrast the colour of these jeans.

Skinny Jeans For Women

Whether you're looking for the best black skinny jeans for a classic look or want to experiment with colours and patterns, there are plenty of different options for you. Ladies skinny jeans are some of the best jeans out there as they have such bold and pronounced designs when you want to combine them with a similar or complimentary top. Otherwise, you can have a simple colour that suits all of your other clothes. The black skinny jeans above are a great example of a pair that suits any occasion. The Bleeding Heart Enzyme Wash Ripped Skinny Jeans have a simple distressed look and the special black makes them the best for colour. If you want to combine these skinny jeans and heels, you'll end up with a show-stopping look for a night out on the town. 

Sometimes, the best jeans are ones with a bit of colour. Take the red skinny jeans above for example, when you're wearing a black top, whether its a band tee, crop top or any other type, a pair of black skinny jeans can look like a bit too much of the same. But if you use a pair of Bleeding Heart Plain Red Skinny Jeans, you will add a bit more brightness to your outfit.

Remember how we said that you can get some fun designs? well the Banned Stripe Jeans are a great example of the best womens jeans skinny options available. The one leg of black and white stripes looks outstanding and everyone will be able to see how you have a great sense of fashion. We recommend combining these jeans with a red top of any kind to make the best outfit, or try combining with a black and white band tee.

Finally, we've got the coolest pair of womens white ripped skinny jeans that has all of the great parts of skinny jeans rolled into one. The distressed ripping will give you a great worn effect and the white plaid design is elegant, bright and easy to pair with any range of footwear and tops. Just check out the Banned Move On Up Jeans for yourself and you will be finding new outfit ideas left, right and centre.

Of course these are just some of the options available in the skinny jean sections of our website. Have a look through the skinny jeans for women or the skinny jeans for men. If you're interested in staying up to date with all of the new items that we have in store, head to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and give us a like and follow. We'll make sure to keep you informed with everything that's going on a Blue Banana.

<![CDATA[Get A Flash New Hoodie Or Top In Our Latest Promo]]> https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/our-new-hoodie-promo February 9, 2018 12:35 https://www.bluebanana.com/en/news/our-new-hoodie-promo Are you in need of some new alternative fashion to get warm this winter? If so then the Blue Banana sale is the ultimate place to be! Up until 16/02/18 you can treat yourself to some new hoodies, cardigans or sweatshirts with up to 80% OFF


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