Bristol Deathfest 2017 Bristol Deathfest 2017
15th April 2017
If you're a death metal fan and you've not heard about Bristol Deathfest 2017, you need to read our guide to the heaviest fest in the west!
Slam Dunk Festival 2017 Slam Dunk Festival 2017
27th May 2017
Slam Dunk Festival is back and celebrating their 10th birthday! Find out all about the lineup, ticket prices and locations here.
Rock am Ring Festival 2017 Rock am Ring Festival 2017
2nd June 2017
As one of the most popular festivals in Europe, Rock am Ring has snagged some of the scene's biggest names for 2017 - read all about them here!
Rock im Park Festival 2017 Rock im Park Festival 2017
2nd June 2017
Find out everything you need to know about Rock im Park 2017, right here at Blue Banana!
Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival 2017 Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival 2017
2nd June 2017
Fancy a darkly different festival experience? Read on to get the low-down on Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Europe's number one Gothic festival!
Hellfest Festival 2017 Hellfest Festival 2017
16th June 2017
Blue Banana's got all the details and information you'll need if you're heading to Hellfest! We've covered everything you need to know about France's biggest metal fest!
Glastonbury Festival 2017 Glastonbury Festival 2017
21st June 2017
The biggest festival in the world, Glastonbury, returns in 2017 and you can find out all about it right here at Blue Banana!
Roskilde Festival 2017 Roskilde Festival 2017
24th June 2017
Roskilde; Demark's premier music festival is back for another year and we've got the complete low down on the lineup as well as all the essential festival info!
2000 Trees Festival 2017 2000 Trees Festival 2017
6th July 2017
2000 Trees is a multi award winning festival set in the rolling Cotwold Hills. 80 Bands, 2 Days, sounds like an excellent weekend.
NASS Festival 2017 NASS Festival 2017
6th July 2017
For all the essential information you’ll ever need for this amazing extreme sports and music festival, read our NASS 2017 festival guide!
TRNSMT Festival 2017 TRNSMT Festival 2017
7th July 2017
A brand new Scottish music festival, TRNSMT is set to rock the festival scene! Be sure to get the lowdown before anyone else by checking out our latest guide!
Kendal Calling 2017 Kendal Calling 2017
27th July 2017
If your tastes lean more towards the indie side of the musical spectrum, then we reckon Kendal Calling will be right up your street! Read on to find out more!
Wacken Open Air Festival 2017 Wacken Open Air Festival 2017
3rd August 2017
As the most popular Metal festival in Europe, Wacken has some of the biggest names on the scene for their 2017 line up- read all about them here!
Rebellion Festival 2017 Rebellion Festival 2017
3rd August 2017
Rebellion Festival, one of the newest additions to the UK's Summer festival circuit has a killer lineup for 2017 - read all about it here!
Bloodstock Festival Guide 2017 Bloodstock Festival Guide 2017
10th August 2017
Bloodstock Festival is set to be the biggest heavy metal festival in the UK again in 2017 – check out our brilliant guide to this rockin’ weekend.
Highfield Festival 2017 Highfield Festival 2017
18th August 2017
If you're looking to embrace your Summer in true style then Highfield 2017 is the festival for you! Be sure find all the need to know information in this wicked need-to-know guide!
Leeds Festival Guide 2017 Leeds Festival Guide 2017
25th August 2017
Known alongside Reading as one of the biggest festivals in the UK, Leeds is set to be another huge success in 2016.
Asylum Festival Guide 2017 Asylum Festival Guide 2017
25th August 2017
Find out all the essential information about Europe's biggest steampunk convention, the Asylum festival in Lincoln!

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Our Top Festivals: Festival Guide

One of the biggest parts of any summer music experience is making sure you’ve found a good festival guide to read beforehand, just so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. Here at Blue Banana we have brought together a huge amount of information on what we believe to be the biggest festivals held in the UK in 2017, to ensure that you’ve got a festival survival guide at your fingertips.

Whether you’re thinking of attending Download, Reading or Glastonbury we’ve got the festival guide you’ll need to ensure you get all the information you could ever need before you head off to your summer weekend full of music, alcohol and hopefully lots of love.

Explore Our Festival Guides For The Top UK Festivals In 2017

When it comes to festivals nobody is going to disagree that the UK are the number one when it comes to putting on a good show, so make sure you’ve seen every part of our festival guide for your chosen event before you go to ensure you can be a big part of the atmosphere without worrying too much about camping, tickets or the line up.

Our brilliant 2017 festival guide encompasses a wide range of festivals like Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, and Slam Dunk.

Blue Banana’s Festival Guide To Rock, Dance And Wild Music Festivals

If heavier rock is more your cup of tea, you’ll find out festival guide to Download, Bristol Deathfest and Bloodstock the most interesting. All of our guides detailed the most important aspects of every festival, including tickets, camping, the line up and the history of your favourite musical experience.

The full list of the festivals covered in our festival guide is as follows:
  • Bristol Deathfest
  • Slam Dunk
  • Rock am Ring
  • Rock im Park
  • Wave-Gotik-Treffen
  • Rebellion
  • Isle of Wight
  • Download
  • Hellfest
  • Glastonbury
  • Roskilde
  • 2000 Trees
  • NASS
  • Kendal Calling
  • Wacken
  • Boardmasters
  • Bloodstock
  • Highfield
  • Leeds
  • Reading
  • Asylum
As you can see, with such an extensive festival guide you’re probably going to find what you’re looking for right here at Blue Banana, the UK festival specialists! While you’re here why not take a look at our festival essentials which you’ll find extremely useful no matter what festival you’re planning on attending this summer.