Store Safety Procedures

As our stores begin to re-open, we are changing our procedures to help keep you and our colleagues safe. The following measures are based on guidance from the UK government on how to safely operate stores and shops in ways to help minimise the potential spread of COVID-19.

There are also additional measures in place that will allow us to safely re-open our piercing studios. All procedures that have been put in place are designed for your safety; which is always our first concern. 

When You Visit

When you visit our stores please be considerate of our staff and of others. You will see that there are additional measures such as protective screens around the till, and floor tape to provide guidance for social distancing when queuing or navigating the store. We ask that you adhere to the following during your visit:
  • You follow the recommended social distancing rules when in store
  • You follow all guidance from staff when visiting the store
  • You follow all instructions provided by additional signage/floor tape
  • Do not touch any items within the store unless you intend to purchase them
  • Do not visit the store if you are presenting possible COVID-19 symptoms
Some limitations such as the availability of the fitting rooms and the number of customers permitted in the store at one time can be decided at the discretion of the staff. As fitting rooms will not be available at this time and products cannot be tried/touched unless purchased, we will be changing our store policy to allow exchanges, credits and monetary refunds. Also, our staff will continue to offer bags for purchases, for a small 10p charge, but must insist all goods are packed by you.

There will also be regular cleaning procedures put in place so that surfaces and communal areas are regularly wiped down and cleaned. Staff will have disinfectant and the wipes required for ensuring a high level of cleanliness. Tablets used to check-in customers for piercings will be wiped down in between uses.

Texting Appointment System

To avoid a potential queue for the piercing studio, we have introduced a new text appointment system so you can be notified of your piercing appointment time. When you fill in your initial health check and piercing consent forms (on one of our in-store tablets), you will be asked to provide a mobile number. 

Queuing for a piercing in store will not be permitted, so you can continue your day and our piercers can use the new system to send a text alert to your phone, to notify you when your appointment slot is available. Where possible, you can agree with the staff how long in advance you would like to be notified.

Please note that the time taken to complete each piercing will be increased to allow for the extra infection control measures. 

Piercer Safety

In order to keep our piercers safe and protected, they will be provided with the highest quality PPE equipment. This includes additional KN95 facemasks and visors which will be worn throughout the piercing procedure alongside the standard vinyl gloves.

All customers will be asked to wash their hands and wear a face mask upon entering the studio. There will be an automatic hand sanitiser station as well as additional hand gel provided for use of the piercer and of the customer as required. The piercers will use high level disinfectant to clean down areas between uses.

Using an infra-red temperature scanner, all customers will have their temperature checked to ensure that no fever symptoms are present. If a customer reads a higher temperature than a regular body temperature then they may be refused a piercing and entry to the piercing studio.

Store Re-Opening

Our stores and piercing studios are now open and are performing all piercings.

Please note: During this period and where local lockdowns are enforced, we may change, or temporarily close our stores. You can find your local stores current opening times here.