Looking for a way to take your outfit to the next level with an accessory that you can wear again and again? Our range of 30 day contact lenses are perfect for those who want to transform their gaze and rock a different eye colour all month long! When browsing around the site and pondering which pair you want to grab today, the first thing you need to decide on is what occasion you’re planning on bringing that newfound enhanced style to! With our huge collection of different styles and designs of 30 day contact lenses we are confident that Coloured Contacts is the exact place you’ve been looking for to grab your pair of the ultimate outfit-enhancing monthlies!

One of the first big occasions that come to mind when we think of coloured contact lenses is naturally Halloween. Are you trying to create that perfectly frightening and eye catching Halloween or cosplay outfit that impresses everyone who you come in contact with? Well, you’re in the right place. Whether you want to look like the evil lizard with our Lizard Green contact lenses, or you prefer to become the predator itself by wearing our Feline Predator contacts, we stock the perfect pair for anyone looking to get that extra edge to their style on this fun occasion. The great thing about the 30 day contacts is that you can customise your eyes time and time again without having to purchase a new pair every time.

Flaunt Your New Look Time and Time Again With Our 30 Day Contact Lenses!

 Do you want to give your look that extra edge next time you’re heading out to a party with your friends? Or do you want to shock everyone with you edgy look with our more bold contacts at the next New Year’s Eve party? Either way, the 30 day contacts will bring your gaze that newfound flair that you’ve always wanted. At Coloured Contacts we offer a huge collection of different 30 day contact lens styles and looks that range from more subtle eye-upgrades to more bold and frightening monster, vampire, or predator style contacts that are sure to attract attention. Whichever pair you choose to grab today, you can be sure that your purchase will bring out the wilder side in you and upgrade any outfit you choose to wear on that special occasion. Our 30 day contacts are of the highest quality and contain richly pigmented colours that will transform your gaze and give you that extra spice to your style.

So if you’re after the best affordable accessory for Halloween or just the special night out with friends, that can transform your look time and time again, we’ve got just the thing for you. Transform your eyes with some frightening zombie lenses, or simply give your natural eye colour an instant enhancement with our natural contacts that you can rock every day of the week; whatever you fancy, we have a 30 day option to suit your needs.

Stunning Styles at Low Prices

Whether you’re shopping for the brain-eating zombie look, or if you fancy transforming yourself into the most horrifying monster of the party with the Black Magic contact lenses, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the contact lenses that are of the highest quality, and which are sourced from the most trusted brands in UK. We pride ourselves on only stocking the leading cosmetic contact lens brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). So when you grab your pair of the perfect contacts, you can be confident that you’re getting only the best possible Coloured Contacts Available!