Looking for the perfect accessory for the creepiest night of the year? Want something to take your costume from normal to nightmarish? The look no further! Our halloween contact lenses are the best way to get those spooky eyes and finish off any fancy dress outfit! There’s nothing better than giving people a massive fright at Halloween, and with these spooky lenses, you can consider the job well done. 

Trying to create the perfect costume? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to transform yourself into a blood-sucking vampire with our blind red contacts, or you prefer to become the monster cat with our glow in the dark UV contact lenses, we guarantee you'll find the perfect pair to bring a whole new level of fright to your outfit. Browse our unbeatable range and grab yourself a pair (Or two!) to go from friendly to frightening in seconds and give people a massive scare this year. 

The great thing about halloween contact lenses is that they are available in various wear durations. So if you’re only looking to bring the scary look for a single night, you can grab yourself a pair of our daily contact lenses that you can simply throw away after you’ve done giving people the heebie-jeebies on that one creepy night out. Want to rock your monstrous look for longer? Then check out our reusable lenses, available in 30 day, 90 day or 1 year varieties. 

Halloween Contacts For Party Animals!

Halloween lenses are not only for the spookiest night of the year, but for other occasions too! You can pop the contacts in when you fancy bringing your inner animal, monster or spooky creature! Whether you're heading for a wild party with your friends, or if you’re going to the New Year’s Eve celebration with the intent of looking totally wild, you can be sure to achieve a show stopping look with a pair of halloween contact lenses. Whichever the case, these halloween contacts will bring your style to a whole new level without breaking the bank. Here at Coloured Contacts we offer a massive collection of different contact lens styles and looks that range from more subtle looks to absolutely wild and frightening styles that are sure to scare off even the bravest kids. Our Halloween contacts are of the highest quality and contain richly pigmented colours that will light up your iris and give you the chance to flaunt your wild side, whether that’s in everyday life or at Halloween night! 

Ready to scare the living daylights out of everyone you lock eyes with? Whether you’re looking to become a brain eating zombie, or a freaky demon, grab yourself a pair of the mini-sclera or black sclera lenses and your night is guaranteed to become unforgettable!

Massive Selection of Frightening Hallo-worthy Contacts at Low Prices!

Whether you’re shopping for the blind white contacts to create a ghostly look, or if you're transforming yourself into a blood sucking vampire with some rich red lenses, you can rest assured that you’re getting contacts that are of the highest quality and totally safe to use. We pride ourselves on only stocking the freshest and funkiest designs on the block, exclusively from the UK's leading cosmetic contact lens brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). So when you’re grabbing your pair of the perfect halloween contacts, you can be sure that you’re only getting the best coloured contacts available!