We all go to parties, whether they are for kids or adults, holidays like Halloween, birthdays, galas, cosplay conventions, barbecues, or frat parties. Who doesnít love to have a good time, right? Whenever someone goes out, they usually like to dress in attire to match the occasion, so why not add some extra flare and freshen up your look with our party contact lenses

Are you intrigued yet? Fantastic, our famous brands like Eyefusion stock some of the most affordable styles and colours around all right here in one place. Itís time for you to start shopping. 

Letís Party Like itís 1999!

Okay, maybe you prefer to stay in the new millennium; either way, if youíve got the party, weíve got the lens! Not only do we have the perfect contacts for your event, but we also have durations ranging from one day, thirty days, ninety days and even one full year! Thatís right folks; you can party with these eye contacts for 365 days before you have to toss 'em and pick a new style. 

So what exactly does your party style look like? We have the best selection of full sclera, blind, mesh, UV reactive and animal style lenses around. Not to mention, the beautiful coloured contacts that are available in each of those styles. 

Picture this, youíre at a 90ís party with white tees and black lights everywhere. Which style should you choose? Try our fun and funky styles from our selection of ultraviolet (UV) reactive contacts; they will glow with the lights! This particular style of eyewear comes in green, pink, purple, white, yellow cat eyes, wolf eye, white screen and more! 

Maybe youíve decided to pass on the 90ís party to attend a sophisticated, fancy dress party. You can check out our incredible selection of coloured fashion lenses that can give you a simple, nonchalant look or a vibrant colour to match your fancy attire. If this strikes your fancy, choose from natural, everyday options like our Glimmer Blue, Tri Tone Aqua, Single Tone Green or Tri Tone Gray colours. 

If youíre not into 90ís parties or wearing fancy dresses, we are okay with that. Would you prefer a Halloween party? Awesome! Choose from styles such as our blackout, raptor, aqua catís eye, bat, demon, or blood splat for the spookiest styles. 

Trendy Party Styles, Cheap Prices

We all love parties, but they sure can get expensive! Our affordably priced lenses will enhance your party look with high-quality fashion contacts for low prices. You'll never have to compromise on your look or miss a party again because you canít justify the expense of creating the look you so desire. 

We keep our prices as affordable as possible because we want you to return and tell all of your friends. Even though low-cost drives us, we would never want you to sacrifice your eye health. Always seek an eye exam before ordering our fashion lenses. A professional can tell you if a prescription may be necessary.

Enjoy your next party, with our trendy eye wear weíre sure you'll be the centre of attention!