Add some bite to your stare this Halloween with the best quality vampire contact lenses available in the UK. Break out the fangs and scare everybody silly with our huge selection of lenses for all sorts of blood suckers!

There are almost as many styles of vampire eyes as there are incarnations of the blood sucking beasties, which means that you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Here at Coloured Contacts we want to make sure you’re only limited by your imagination, so we’ve collected a massive range of vampire themed contact lenses.

Vamp It Up!

The hardest (and most fun) bit may be in choosing the right style for you. Will it be the classic Nosferatu? We have white mini sclera lenses for that blank white, no-pupil look. Perhaps all black is your thing, for a more gothic vampire vibe. We have a big selection of reds to invoke the bloody focus of these fiends, all with different patterns to bring out the animal in you.

If you’re looking for something a little (further) out of the ordinary, maybe a tribute to your favourite fantasy creature, then we have patterned lenses, featuring spooky motifs such as bats, spiders and of course, fangs.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a vampire contact lens emporium if you couldn’t dress up as your favourite characters from Twilight. Red for the freshly blooded, black if you’re feeling a little thirsty and of course golden lenses for any vegetarians out there.

Perfect even for dark eyes, our lenses offer perfect coverage to ensure that no one will know your secret.

Amazing Designs at Prices That Won't Break The Bank!

But at such great prices it’s easy to experiment with vampire contact lenses to your hearts content (if it still works), cosmetic contacts are a cheap and easy way to take your look to the next level with the finishing touches that will set you apart as a vampire with style.

Sourced from the best UK suppliers, our lenses are high quality, so they’re safe and easy to use. Forget about lurking your way up and down the high street for cheap, novelty items from fancy dress shops, get the real deal and make your stare truly blood curdling (Mmm... delicious!).

Plus, if you live in the UK you can take advantage of our next day delivery options, perfect for last minute coven meetings!

All of our lenses are non-prescription too meaning that you can wear them without affecting your vision, keeping the price low too so you can experiment without hurting your wallet or your eyes! Just remember to have your eyes assessed by an optician before you order to make sure you’re suitable for contact lenses.

If you’re interested in becoming a vampire, but aren’t ready to commit to an eternity of dark clothes and nocturnal living, we offer a selection to ease you into it gently. You can live a year as a vampire with our 1 year reusable lenses to reinvent yourself for a longer period, or try 90 day reusable lenses for a busy party season. Or if you want to dip your toe into the darkness for just one night, we offer disposable single use lenses that give you the freedom to wake up amongst the living the next day.