Coloured Contacts is proud to display one of the most innovative and vast ranges of contact lenses online to suit all tastes, styles and occasions. How about exploring and experimenting with your contact lens experience and taking it to the extreme?!! It’s time to transform into the living dead with zombie contact lenses! Scare the senses out of your friends, family and strangers with the spooky soulless eyes of the walking dead! Have a laugh when you zombie-fy yourself and terrorise the neighbourhood! So, make friends with your inner monster and intensify your fun levels today!!

Zombie contact lenses work for day or night. So, you can play in the day and give a fright by night! Morph into a resurrected ghoul of doom, and go on a thrilling intense adventure into the awaiting Zombie apocalypse!! Zombie contact lenses are created for eyes of all different colours, and work just as well for dark eyes. They look smashing on all skin tones, and are awesome for fair skin as well as for dark skin. So, we invite you to take a virtual scroll through our eye-popping zany Zombie range.

These novelty lenses are the ultimate party, club, and "going out” lenses. Unleash your wild new look in time for special occasions such as Halloween, New Years Eve, normal parties, and fancy-dress parties. The cult classics of The Walking Dead and iZombie have seen a deep fascination with zombies lately. Modern popular culture and society is fanatical about fictional character heroes and heroines, and cartoons. We often see Gothic and Emo culture influence our society too. Anime and manga never go out of fashion either. Fans of Cosplay conventions (hip culture of "costume play”) will definitely love playing around with their look. A pair of creepy zombie peepers is great for dressing up as a host of dress-up characters! So stop sitting back, and rather be a part of the action by rocking a pair of zombie eye accessories!

Freak Out Your Friends With Zombie Contact Lenses!

Coloured Contacts loves tantalising your peepers by offering an eye-catching variety of styles, designs and colours! You can choose between Animal, Blind, Mesh & Screen, Ultraviolet (UV) and Natural Effect, to name a few. Unhook your inner creature when you wear Animal contacts! Transition into the living dead with Zombie contacts! Mesh & Screen contacts produce interesting results by using colour and texture.

Blind contacts have that opaque milky effect of looking like you’re blind (but of course you can still see perfectly!!). Ultraviolet (UV) contact lenses will make you stand out with a luminous glow in the dark impression! Natural Effect contacts come in a rainbow variety of colours, and are your solution if you are looking to make an ultra-natural impression. Opt to have just your iris covered in Mini Sclera or plaster up your whole eye-area for a freaky, demonic look in Sclera. Scope out our exceptional range of Special Effects novelty contact lenses as well. The SFX range also boasts the flags of countries which is superb for sports events!

There is no prescription needed to wear our lenses. Coloured Contacts provides a mammoth range of non-prescription, fashion, cosmetic and novelty contact lenses that anyone can wear. Our lenses come cheap, which will make your wallet jump with joy! So, ditch trawling for contacts on eBay, Amazon and CamoEyes, when Coloured Contacts is your convenient online one-stop shop!

Speedy Delivery, Low Prices & Amazing Quality

We offer rapid delivery options. Clients living in the UK get the additional advantage of a next day delivery option, which is seriously priceless if you need a pair of lenses quickly for a party or event. All our contact lenses are available in the following duration periods: 1 day, 30 day, 90 day and 1 year. So, you have the option of a once-off use and toss them, something semi-permanent, a pair of everyday lenses and everything in between. Coloured Contacts always has you and your peepers arranged for every possibility! In addition, our proficient Customer Care department is on hand to deal with any support queries.

At Coloured Contacts, we fully recognise that contacts must not only fulfil their aesthetic job, but they must be really comfortable, safe and easy to wear too! This is why our contacts are produced using only high-grade quality materials. We only stock lenses from the UK's leading contact lens brands, such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), so you can shop with confidence, knowing you're purchasing a safe and genuine product. Our selection of lenses cannot be beaten when it comes to style, comfort, quality, flexibility and durability.

All our cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed case with eye-friendly solution, keeping them in top condition until you’re ready to pop those suckers in! (Always remember to visit your optician or optometrist before purchasing contact lenses).