Create bold and dramatic eyes with our wide range of gothic contact lenses. These fashion inserts for dark eyes arrive in a wide range of designs and colours to give you a freaky, scary look that will make others die out of shock and fear. From classic full sclera black contact lenses to novel blood razor contacts, we have got something to meet your style and personality. Whether you want dramatic lenses to pair with your Halloween or Cosplay costume or want subtle contacts for everyday wear, we’ve got everything for you. These non-prescription gothic contact lenses for fair skin with different motifs are sure to enhance your natural look and make others envious of you!

Different Colours and Styles to Choose From

At Coloured Contacts, the sky is the limit because we have stocked numerous designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Want to have hypnotic eyes? Our black spiral coloured contact lenses with white pupil will give you mesmerizing and hypnotic look. Wear these and you are sure to cast a spell on anyone just by fluttering your lashes. These lenses are specifically designed to bring some mystical magic to your night! You can even wear them daily and flash your hypnotic stare wherever you go. You can wear these versatile hypnotise coloured contact lenses to complement any fancy dress wardrobe.

If attitude is what defines you, wear our gothic skull coloured contact lenses for a creepy finish. These white and black pigmented contacts for dark eyes will give you plenty of opportunities to flaunt your freaky style in the most extraordinary way.

Then there are black cross contact lenses that you can wear to finish off a Halloween or Cosplay costume. Featuring a white finish with a black cross design that passes through the pupil, these unique lenses do the job of enhancing your looks perfectly without affecting your vision. These unusual contact lenses are sure to grab the attention of people every time you flutter those lashes.

Apart from these, there are several other gothic contact lenses that you can wear to complement almost every fancy dress costume and create a freaky look. A few of them are blackout coloured contact lenses, bird lenses, bat lenses, coffin lenses, blood razor lenses, Dracula fangs lenses and more.

Why Choose Coloured Contacts?

Coloured contacts offer you a wide range of unique gothic contact lenses that you won’t find anywhere else! Another great thing about us is that apart from single use lenses, we offer 90-day and 1-year lenses as well that are completely reusable and can be worn safely for up to 90 days and 1 year respectively. So you can flaunt your freaky stare over the Holiday season or all-year round!

We stock lenses from the topmost brands in the UK like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), Eyecasions and MesmerEyez. So you can be confident that whatever lens you choose for dark eyes, it will be of highest standards. However, before you order, consult your optician or optometrist to assess the health of your eyes and determine if you’re a suitable candidate to wear cosmetic contact lenses or for how long you can wear them.