Go from mundane to monstrous in the flash of an eye with our realistic wolf contact lenses! Our werewolf contact lenses are available as single use daily lenses and yearly lenses, making them perfect for everyone, from those who want to test the wolfish waters to the more experienced shape shifters on the Cosplay scene. Whether you’re a once-a-year Halloween lycanthrope or a more frequent fancy dress fan, we have the right lens for you. No need to wait for the full moon to break out your inner beast when you have our wolf contact lenses

We stock an extensive range of wolf contact lenses to take your costume to the next level, so no matter what you're searching for, we guarantee you'll find it in our selection of awesome lenses! Fancy something a little nightmarish? Then why not try out our black wolf lenses? These dark and mysterious contacts are the ideal finishing touch for any hairy, horrific costume! Looking for something a little brighter and lighter? Then why not try out some orange wolf eye contacts? Perfect for creating a classic lupine look, these lenses are sure to compliment any ensemble. 

Our Wolf Contact Lenses Will Have You Howling At The Moon!

Stand out from the crowd with an intense animal stare. No amount of snarling will have the same chilling effect as our wolf contact lenses. For the ultimate party animals, our glow in the dark wolf lenses are a wicked addition to your ensemble. Giving a beastly red and yellow effect under regular lighting, once the UV light hits, your eyes become a ghoulish glow in the dark glower.

Here at Coloured Contacts, your eye health is our priority. All of our Eyefusion lenses are FDA approved meaning you can flash that fierce stare, safe in the knowledge that there is no risk to your eyesight. Following the correct procedure for insertion, removal and storage will guarantee that both your lenses and eyes stay in top condition. Never share lenses with another person as the risk of cross-infection is high. Even though our lenses are non-prescription, you will still need to visit an optician for a lens consultation before using them for the first time, even if you don’t normally wear prescription glasses or contacts. The optician will test your eyes to ensure they are suitable for contact lens wear and advise you of correct hygiene procedures to keep your eyes safe and healthy. 

Give Your Halloween Costume Maximum Impact With Minimal Hassle

Our wolf contact lenses are a quick and easy way to add a whole new dimension to your Halloween or Cosplay outfit. Affordable and durable, they are so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them! If you're still searching for costume inspiration, then why not check out these ideas for size:
  • Werewolves aren’t always the bad guys! Try out a good-guy look and channel lycanthropic heart throb Jacob Black with our Twilight Werewolf lenses. Prepare to attract plenty of attention!
  • Want a nightmarish effect? Team a pair of glowing yellow wolf lenses with some freaky zip effect werewolf  makeup for a look that's sure to scare!
  • Got a realistic looking werewolf mask? Complete your look with a pair of bold blue lenses to create a piercing stare!
Here at Coloured Contacts, we have been around the alternative block for over 20 years and know a thing or two about cosmetic contact lenses! We stock one of the largest ranges of non-prescription fashion lenses in the UK and are dedicated to sourcing the freshest, funkiest designs on the market. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer. Plus, with our next day delivery service for UK customers, you will never be caught off guard by last-minute fancy dress parties again. Our excellent team of staff are always on hand for any questions you might have!