Up your dress up game with cosplay contact lenses! This often overlooked accessory will complete your costume in style, adding a touch of detail that sets you apart from the crowd. It may be subtle, but the difference in the look you can achieve with a well-chosen pair of cosmetic contacts will blow you away! Whatever costume you want to spice up, you’re sure to find the perfect eye wear here at Coloured Contacts.

Whether it’s Comicon time, Halloween, or you just fancy dressing up for a night on the town, enhance your stare with our huge selection of fancy cosplay contact lenses!

When you think about some of the most iconic characters you could dress up as, the eyes are often a big factor in defining their look. Think Terminator, Sauron, Kakashi, we’ve got the lenses to add the final definitive touch to the perfect cosplay outfit. Not to mention the range of non-character specific lenses for you to experiment with to create the perfect look.

Who Will You Become?

Dreaming of becoming a fantasy character? Cause havoc with goblin eye lenses or spread the love with some snazzy rainbow coloured lenses. Be good, evil, or all points in between! Choose from magic themed patterns such as our Enchanted, Solar or Sorcery ranges, or opt for a logo featuring classic creature motifs like bats and fangs and spiders!

Unleash your inner beast with werewolf lenses, or our predator range featuring cats, dragons and lizards eye designs for fearsome stares. For fair skin, combine with black sclera lenses for a truly freaky look.

Hypnotise with black spirals or demon prints that will strike terror into the hearts of mere mortals.

Alternatively, you could go futuristic with our awesome range of robotic, steampunk and cyberpunk lenses featuring the Terminator, Bionic eyes, Cyborg designs, or go free form with Barcode or a Clock face to achieve a unique look. Or choose the biggest of the lot, perhaps the most terrifying single eye in cinema history. You guessed it, Sauron makes his debut as a contact lens design.

Huge Selection, Tiny Prices

Our selection of cosplay lenses is too big to list here, so check it out now and find the ones for you.All have great coverage even for dark eyes, don’t waste your time with poor quality substitutes.

Depending on your commitment to cosplaying we offer a great range of options for length of wear. If it’s a one-day persona change, our single use lenses give you the freedom to explore a new character for the day and shed them the next. Longer term chameleons can opt for 90 day reusable lenses for repeat appearances throughout the party season, while those looking to reinvent themselves in the long term can go for our 1-year reusable lenses that let you keep up the costume for even longer.

Our lenses are sourced from the best UK suppliers, and are non-prescription, meaning you can experiment as much as you like without breaking the bank, and without affecting your vision!

Forget trawling up and down the high street, this kind of accessory isn’t exactly the kind of thing you’d find in Walmart. You won’t find us on Amazon either, we keep our prices low by never selling through third parties. In fact, you’ll be one of the rare few with the stare to match your look. That’s because it seems like hassle, but it couldn’t be easier. Just have your eyes assessed by an optician to make sure you’re suitable, then order them here. If you’re in the UK you can benefit from our speedy next day delivery options and before you know it you’ll be transfixing unsuspecting Comicon attendees!