Now you can get the eye colour you’ve always dreamed of! With purple contact lenses, you can give a vibrant finish to your eyes and get a more feminine look. You can wear these lenses to bring out the sweetest and cutest side of yours and flaunt a unique, extraordinary look. If you have dark brown eyes, you might have a hard time finding coloured contacts for dark eyes. You will find a wide range of vividly coloured contact lenses on Amazon or Freshlook, but finding opaque lenses might be a challenge. Don’t worry! At Coloured Contacts, you will find a range of non-prescription natural coloured contacts for fair skin and dark eyes that will prevent your natural eye colour from showing through.

Our solid purple coloured contacts for dark eyes will transform your eyes completely and make you truly stand out from the crowd.

Pretty Purple Peepers: Just A Blink Away!

Our purple contact lenses with subtle colour will let you look more feminine and natural. For example, you can wear our single tone purple contact lenses daily to flaunt your cutest side. Then we have flower coloured contact lenses too for a more unique look.

However, if you are looking for some coloured contacts to complement your animal costume, lizard contact lenses will let you unleash your wild side perfectly. These lenses bring some fantasy style to your costume party. Wear them with lizard-inspired costume to give an authentic finish to your look. You can wear them on Halloween or Cosplay events or even use them to freak out your friends and have some fun!

For those who don’t mind carrying more dramatic and spooky looks, we have Violet/Purple UV Coloured Contact Lenses. Wear these lenses to transform yourself with the blink of an eye or light up your boring nights! These non-prescription lenses for dark eyes arrive in a vivid purple shade that glow brightly under ultraviolet light and give you a plain, neon look in natural light.

Low Prices, Incredible Quality

Concerned about compromising safety for style? We assure you won’t ever get a problem with these lenses. We don’t deal with any next to door manufacturer. Our all the products come from the top brands in the UK like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), that are highly regarded and popular. So you can stay assured that whatever lenses you buy from our store, they are completely safe to use. However, we still strongly advise you to consult your optician or optometrist to know if you’re a suitable candidate to wear non-prescription contact lenses or for how long you can wear them!

We offer single-day, 90-day-reusable and 1-year reusable contact lenses too to meet different requirements of different people. For those last-minute party goers, we have the option of next-day delivery too! Isn’t it exciting? So browse through the gallery of Coloured Contacts and grab an exciting pair of purple contact lenses for you!