Brown eyes are becoming less and less common in the UK, and the rarer they get, the better they look! Think deep, velvety tones such as chocolate, hazelnut and amber and you start to get an idea of just why brown contact lenses are such a fantastic look!

Here at Coloured Contacts, we know that an outfit is nothing without a few stylish finishing touches! It really is all about the detailing! Whether you need to spice up an outfit for a night on the town, or perhaps with Halloween coming up -any fancy dress party for that matter- we’ve got just the thing to help make you look really good, coloured lenses are a great way to set yourself apart and really bring your costume to life. For a quick and easy eye colour change, these are the perfect accessory. They take just a moment to put in and offer just the look you want with no fuss.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Ramp up the intensity with some big, soulful brown eyes they could get lost in, a great look for green eyes or for blue eyes. For a hassle free and long lasting effect, you can’t get better than coloured contacts! They’re one of those subtle differences that can make all the difference to an outfit whatever your style.

With a great range to choose from you can easily experiment, whether you like to keep it nice and natural with our dark brown single or three tone lenses, or you want to switch things up a little and go for our misty eyes range for a dreamy, soft look, all of our brown contact lenses are great quality with perfect coverage.

Don’t waste your time wandering up and down the high street for the same old accessories, you won’t find these lenses in Specsavers or Boots, and you definitely won’t find anything like this in your usual fancy dress shop. Brown contact lenses are sure to be a unique accessory on your next night out.

Classic Style at Incredible Prices

Our contact lenses are sourced from the finest manufacturers in the UK, so we know they’re good, coloured with rich pigments that give perfect coverage on any colour eyes, they’re safe and easy to use. They’re also non-prescription so you can wear them all you like without affecting your vision (do remember to get your eyes checked by your optician before ordering though, very important).

This along with the fact that we only sell to you directly (you won’t find us on sites like Amazon) means they’re great value, so you can experiment to your hearts content and not break the bank!

As well as a range of styles we offer different types of lenses for any budget and plan. Want one a one-night flirtation with colour? Try our one day disposable lenses that give you the freedom to step into another character for a day and throw them away the next. Or if you want a longer fling how about our 90 day reusable lenses that give you plenty of opportunities to intoxicate with your new brown eyes before you move onto the next colour in three months’ time. But if you want to commit to a new look, and like getting even better value for money, then you’ll want our 1 year reusable lenses, ideal for those with a packed social calendar.