Patch Testing, Strand Testing & Allergy Information


To minimise the risk of allergic reactions Manic Panic is PPD free and formulated with mostly natural ingredients that contain no animal by products. All Manic Panic dyes are Vegan friendly and tested on celebrities, not animals!

The most reliable method of ascertaining whether Manic Panic dye is suitable for you to use is to perform a patch test and a strand test to see if any reactions occur.


You may be asking yourself "But what IS a strand test?!" or "Why do I need to do this?", so we're going to explain once and for all why this is one of the most important steps in the hair dyeing process and often the most overlooked! 

A strand test is designed to help you to determine how your hair responds to bleaching or dyeing. Simple, right? By using a small amount of your chosen shade, you can not only work out your perfect development time and get a sneak peek of your resulting colour, but you will also discover how your hair reacts to the dye, which could spare you from damaging your locks. So not only can a strand test prevent you from causing irreparable damage to your hair, but it can also spare you from rocking a questionable colour. making it a truly essential part of the colouring process. 


Before you begin, make sure you've got all the following equipment at your fingertips:
  • Disposable gloves to protect your hands from staining. 
  • Your chosen Manic Panic dye.
  • Sectioning clips to help you to segment your hair neatly. 
  1. Pop on a pair of protective gloves and select a strand of hair from behind your ear. This location is preferable, as you need the hair to be in a location that's both visible and easy to conceal.
  2. Pin back the hair from the surrounding areas and apply a pea sized amount of either Manic Panic dye or Flash Lightning Bleach to the hair strand, using your gloved hands. 
  3. Follow the processing time instructions provided on the packaging. Once the time has elapsed, rinse the dye off with cold water and dry with either a towel or a hair dryer. 


If you're a frequent dyer, you're probably thinking "Why bother?" or "But I've dyed my hair dozens of times!", right? Well, we're here to change your tune and explain to you the importance of patch testing!

A patch test is conducted to discover whether you have any form of reaction to the ingredients contained within a dye. If you've experienced allergic reactions to dye in the past, it's essential you perform this step EVERY TIME you dye your hair, even if you're using a formulation that you've used previously. This is due to potential changes in formulations and ingredients. which can vary from batch to batch.


You'll need:
  • Disposable gloves to protect your hands from staining. 
  • Your chosen Manic Panic dye.
  • Sectioning clips to help you to segment your hair neatly.
  1. Select a small area of skin (Roughly the size of a £1 coin) either behind your ear or in the inner fold of your elbow and wash gently with a mild soap and warm water. Gently pat dry with a clean towel.
  2. Cover the test area in a thin coat of your chosen Manic Panic product and allow to dry. 
  3. Leave the test area uncovered and undisturbed for 24 hours, then carefully inspect for any signs of swelling, irritation or skin damage. If you happen to see any signs of skin trauma, DO NOT use the product under any circumstances.