Embrace your dark style by getting your hands on an awesome gothic jacket

If you embrace the dark arts of Gothic fashion and design then you’re more than likely going to own some show stopping Gothic jackets. Gothic clothing draws influence from an array of styles, periods and cultures. They’re usually very well decorated with typical Gothic accessories and clothing trims almost always visible. Gothic and alternative Emo scenes enjoy the black, bulky and brash designs, remaining unafraid to showcase their love for Gothic fashion.

A Goth jacket will go a long way in representing your alternative image. Jackets and coats are usually the last item to put on, meaning you’ll always be displaying your last layer of clothing over anything else. This can make buying alternative jackets a make-or-break situation. Yet with the overwhelming choice of Gothic attire on offer you’re certain to find one that suits your figure, character and style.

Wrap Up Warm With Some Great Alternative Clothing Including Gothic Jackets

Some outsiders may think that Goths have a cold attitude but that isn’t to say that they don’t need to wrap up warm just like everyone else. There are thousands of ways to keep your body warm with practical, thick and stylish jackets from great Gothic clothing brands. For women, Gothic fashion brands such as Hell Bunny, Jaw Breaker and Poizen Industries all supply alternative designs to help them stand out as well as delivering great materials and sound durability.

For men, Gothic fashion brands such as Raven and SDL are at the forefront of male alternative clothing brands. Each brand from the male and female Gothic worlds presents their own identity to help suit your style and match up against your existing clothes.
  • Enhance Your Dark Image With A Great Selection Of Gothic Jackets
  • Unique Styles From Brands Such As Banned, Jawbreaker & Hell Bunny
  • Designs Inspired By Classic Goth, Steampunk & Vintage Fashion

So What Are The Typical Features On Gothic Jackets And Coats?

Gothic outwear for men usually consists of long coats, smoking waistcoats and military jackets, all of which are inspired by Victorian and Edwardian jackets. The branch off genre of Steampunk also combines science fiction and Steam era features to add uniqueness to the alternative Gothic style. Much of Steampunk clothing includes jackets with buckles, straps, big buttons and additional accessories relevant to the Steam era like cog wheels and timepieces.

Women's Gothic jackets are much of the same but offer a sexier and more feminine approach including tail coats, velvet jackets and the latest phenomenon of cyber jackets. Both genders explore extra trims such as bondage straps, PVC arm details and buckle straps. These Gothic clothing trims help to further express the alternative appearance and let Goths stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s a long tail coat to cover you up on winter walks or it’s a velvet Victorian style jacket that will have standing out on nights out or gigs, there are many ways to represent Gothic fashion and culture with a wide range of jackets to select from.

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