avoid chemicals that effect your hair & scalp with ppd free hair dye

One of the biggest struggles if you react badly to chemicals is finding PPD free hair dye, but it is possible to combine a great colouring experience with natural products which do not include PPDs that can cause allergic reactions for those with sensitive scalps.

A large number of brands use various ingredients in their products but only a few, such as the iconic Manic Panic, are guaranteed to provide PPD free hair dye. When dying your hair, one of the first things to look out for is the ingredients they use, in particular PPD.

Why Choose PPD Free Hair Dye?

PPD free hair dye is essential for those that have sensitive skin and hair and is made from natural ingredients to reduce the chances of allergic reactions. Although there is a huge range of coloured hair dyes available for those looking to reinvent their look to choose from, one must be careful to check for harsh chemicals that can have an adverse effect on certain people.

But what is PPD free hair dye? PPD stands for para-Phenylenediamine, and it is commonly used in many hair dye products because it can help to produce long lasting and natural results. However, PPD can cause plenty of adverse side effects such as dermatitis with symptoms that includes itchiness, flaky scalps and skin redness – all things that can be easily avoided. PPD free hair dyes substitute the potentially harmful PPD for safer natural ingredients.

It’s possible to safely test whether you have an allergy to PPD and should need to use PPD free hair dyes with minimal risk. You can perform a strand or patch test. This is done by using a sample of dye on a very small section of hair, ideally in a discreet location such as behind the ear. Use the dye as you would normally and then assess your reaction to it. If there are any unwanted side effects, you know you have an allergy to PPD and should avoid using it in the future.

There are more benefits to PPD free hair dye than just the fact it reduces the risk of an allergic reaction and is free from harsh chemicals. Because natural ingredients are used as a substitute to PPD they’re beneficial for the environment as well as on your hair and skin. Many are also vegan friendly, which should certainly please those that care passionately for the plight of animals and the natural kingdom. 

You might think that because PPD hair dye is free from chemicals that it loses its long lasting and vibrant colourful qualities, but fortunately this isn’t the case. These allergy free dyes sacrifice none of the bright colour you should expect from high quality coloured hair dye and still provide stunning results that maintain vibrancy for weeks on end, keeping your style looking fresh and eye catching.

Chemical Free But Still Colourful!

Many hair dye brands provide exclusively PPD free hair dye or at least chemical free alternatives for those with sensitive scalps. One company that prides itself on its use of all natural and vegan friendly ingredients is Tish & Snooky’s Manic Panic. The iconic colourful punk hair dye brand promises that its products are "tested on celebrities, not animals”. Every Manic Panic hair dye is guaranteed to be PPD free.

Those looking for PPD free hair dye have a huge amount of choice when it comes to finding the perfect colour that not only reinvents and enhances their style but is also kind to their hair and scalp. There’s no compromise when it comes to colour and all the shades of the rainbow are well and truly represented in PPD free forms. Whether you’re looking for red, blue, green or even bright yellow, you’re sure to find the shade that matches your look and personality.

Hair dyes from Manic Panic are most certainly recommended to those looking for bright colours in an absolutely huge variety of exclusive shades, free from PPD. Both Manic Panic Classic and the even bolder and longer lasting Amplified range of semi-permanent dyes use all natural ingredients that make no compromise on colour, despite the lack of chemicals. You can expect colourful hair for up to 6 weeks without any fade.

Get The Kind Of Reaction You Really Want With PPD Free Hair Dye!

  • Wide Range Of PPD Free Hair Dye
  • Allergen Free & Made From Natural Ingredients
  • Available From Top Hair Dye Brands Such As Manic Panic
With a huge variety of different hair dye products on the market, it’s important to make sure you find the right one for your hair – especially if you have allergies. Luckily, with all the amazing PPD free hair dye out there, worrying about a dry and itchy scalp caused by dying your hair is a thing of the past. There’s no compromise on colour either, even though there’s a lack of chemicals.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy dying your hair with PPD free hair dye that’s perfect for those with allergies and a passion for all natural products!

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