If you ask us, 201. has been a pretty incredible year for alternative music. As well as some of the hottest new bands bringing out incredible material, we've also had some old time favoutes take things to the next level! So with that, let us take you through our list of 1. top new metal songs for the year of 2018! 


1. Slipknot - All Out Life

This track was an amazing Halloween surprise and also quite easily one of our current top metal songs. After hearing this track and being reminded of the classic days of Slipknot, we're left with huge hopes for the next album. This concoction of Vol. 3 and their self titled album is a welcomed favourite at Blue Banana! Also did you hear that they're also headlining Download 2018. Fingers crossed for more new material!

2. Bring Me The Horizon - Wonderful Life

Bring Me The Horizon are back for 201. and are better than ever! Although their next album titled 'amo' won't be released until January 25th 2019. their latest metal songs 'wonderful life' and 'MANTRA' definitely make a place on our top 10. We found it pretty difficult to choose between both of these tracks, but decided to go with a wonderful life for it's creative music video featuring the legendary Dani Filth! Check it out below:

3. Ghost - Rats

With such a high bar set from the track Square Hammer, it was tough for Ghost to top it again; but they did. A sneak release in March 201. gave us the release of their track Rats and hinted at their next album Prequelle which released June 1st 2018. The song Rats offers the same catchy melodies similar to Square Hammer while also offering darker vocals that have rarely been seen since their newer material. Oh, and we also got our first look at the newest member of the Emeritus Bloodline; Cardinal Copia. Check out the video below:

4. Five Finger Death Punch - Sham Pain

It's been a while since we've heard new material from FFDP so the release of their newest album 'AND JUSTICE FOR NONE' got us excited. It's great to see them release new tracks time and time again without disappointment. Check out the music video for Sham Pain here:

5. Parkway Drive - Prey

Released in April 201. the track Prey is part of Parkway Drive's newest album 'Reverence'. This album offers a varied mix of songs and although Prey is nothing like their previous material that we've liked; we find it extremely catchy! Make sure to take a look at the music video for Prey below and be aware of their 201. UK tour!

6. 2. Pilots - My Blood

There's no denying that we're pretty big fans of Twenty One Pilots. As well as giving us some of the best new metalcore songs, their newest album Trench has brought forth a new worldwide tour and official merch collection. If you want to find out more make sure to visit their merch section here, but for now check out the video for My Blood: 

7. Fall Out Boy - The Last Of The Real Ones

Although this technically came out in 2017. we're adding it to this list as it was one of our favorite tracks from their January 201. album 'MANIA'. Like the majority of Fall Out Boy's albums each track in this album deserves merit. Check out the music video below: 

8. Disturbed - No More

With classic tracks such as 'Stricken' and 'Down With The Sickness' we were concerned that their next album wouldn't live up to the hype. Luckily for us all Evolution gave us everything we wanted; definitely a more relaxing vibe but still the gritty and heavy nature of Disturbed we've come to love. This is definitely one of the best metal songs 2018. Check out No More below: 

9. Avenged Sevenfold - Mad Hatter

Without Avenged Sevenfold it really wouldn't be a fair "best new metal songs" list. From their latest EP titled 'Black Reign' for the newest Call Of Duty installment we have the track Mad Hatter. It's clear from this track that A7X are experimenting with their music while still keeping their signature sound. Listen to Mad Hatter below:

10. Bullet For MY Valentine - Not Dead Yet

Although we can't help but think about the days of Scream Aim Fire and Tears Don't Fall; any BFMV music is good music in our opinion! Although their latest music can be considered a little different from some of their older material, we're intrigued to see what's to come. Take a listen to their newest track Not Dead Yet below and let us know your thoughts!

So there you have our list of our top 2018 alternative tracks. Do you agree? Or did we miss one? Let us know, and don't forget to check out our official band merchandise here!