School's out so you can ditch the boring black shoes and opt for something with a splash of colour. The most iconic and timeless footwear that is perfect for every season has got to be Converse. These lightweight shoes come in every colour imaginable so you can be confident that your shoes will help your outfit come together. Are you ready for a selection of brand New Converse Design here at Blue Banana? From unusual soles to awesome colours, it is hard to walk away without grabbing one of these new looks.

We are so excited about these new Dainty Ox shoes. The jelly shoe style sole is sure to be a hit this summer. The bright colours paired with a white shoe are sure to match up with the refreshing colours of your summer wardrobe. We bet you are glad to get out of your school uniform and into your best alt clothing! This New Converse design 2018 is a must for adding to your collection.

Continuing with our new Converse shoes, this iconic brand have been adding some funky features to this range of Ox Shoes. The White Leather and Silver design feature the usual Dainty Ox shape but with a new colour and finish. The metallic colouring of the silver shoes and subtle silver tone will help you pair it with plenty of looks. Just like the silver shoe, white will pair with everything so these styles are sure to be your go to footwear when you are heading out for the day. In contrast the Big Eyelets and Egret/Cherry Shoes have focused on the laces to create a customize converse with pictures. As you can see these laces completely change the look of the shoe.

Converse Trainers At Blue Banana

Converse All Star have also released new colours in both hi top and shoe versions. Hyper Magenta is the brightest of the trio. This vibrant pink shade is sure to win over any fan of pink. In contrast Twilight Pulse and Ocean Bliss offer a pastel palette in purple and blue. These softer colours will fit in with the pastel trend and are perfect for pairing with other pale tones.

Finally, we wanted to show you some of our new hi top boots in our new Converse collection. The Blue Hero and Pure Teal boots feature bright aqua colours that are sure to bring out your sense of fun. We know you will enjoy styling these and can't wait to see what outfits you come up with.

In contrast the White Shimmer new Converse 2018 feature a subtle iridescent glitter finish which gives a cool glow to your shoe.

There are plenty more Converse to be discovered at Blue Banana, from yellow Converse to classic black and white. You may even find a bargain with our sale styles. Shop the complete collection here. We would love to see your favourite pair of Converse. Why not share a picture with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? We love to re-post your outfits.