It can be hard to make the final decision on which new piercing to get and trends are always changing. Eyebrow piercings were hugely popular in the 90s but are now not so common. Various combinations of ear piercing are now hugely popular as well as plenty of other piercing types so today we have created a list of Most Popular Piercings using our figures from 2017 to help you make your next piercing decision!

If you are looking for a new piece of body jewellery to take you confidently through 2018 then this is the place to be! Blue Banana has got to be one of the top places to get your new mod in the UK and with plenty of years of experience, you can be sure to get the best advice and enjoy our popular body piercings. We are also going to reveal our jewellery favourites to help you see what your new piercing could look like.

At the number one spot in our most common piercings list is the nostril/nose piercing. Sitting snugly to one side of your nose this piercing can be worn with both studs and hoops in varying sizes. This is a fairly subtle piercing but can add plenty of style to your look. You can get all kinds of cool designs for your nose stud, here are some of our favourites.


Next on our list is the humble lobe piercing. For many people this is the first ever piercing you will get and is top of the most popular ear piercings! This is also one of the most painless piercings. This piercing has evolved to suit the edgy new styles. Most people would have one or two lobe piercings but we are now seeing people with four or more which means you are sure to need plenty of piercing jewellery. Combine cute studs and hoops for the ultimate combo. Not satisfied with a standard lobe piercing? Why not stretch it to turn your new mod into the ultimate in gothic and alternative styles? 


Ranking third in the body piercing popularity contest is another of our top ear piercings, the tragus stud. This cute piercing is small yet fabulous and can often be worn for work and school, however we always advise checking your policy before getting pierced! There is nothing worse than showing up with  new piercing only to be told you have to take it out. This dainty piercing can be worn with a hoop or stud. Choose something sparkly for an evening out or dress down with a sweet coloured labret.


Popular Piercings 2017 Countdown

Daith piercings used to be one of the most uncommon piercings but we now see huge numbers of people coming in for this cute inner ear piercing. It is thought by many to reduce the symptoms of migraines by relieving a specific pressure point in the ear. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that this really could be helpful for those who suffer migraines. It isn't just these qualities that make this a popular piece of body jewellery, it is also the awesome jewellery you can wear with it. The heart shaped hoop is hugely popular for wearing with this type of piercing and looks especially cute if you are looking for that feminine touch.


The navel piercing is our next most popular piercing and more specifically is one of the most popular piercings for women. This is the perfect piercing if you are looking for something you would like to be able to cover up. Spend the summer months showing off your piercing in your favourite bikini or crop top but keep it neatly hidden away for work. Belly bars come in many varieties some are a simple bar but some are more decorative, just like these.


Not found the one for you yet? Don't worry, we still have plenty more options on our list of popular piercings. In the next spot we have the more daring nipple piercing. If you already have an extensive collection of piercings then this could be the next move for you or maybe you simply love this look and are ready to throw yourself in at the deep end. This intimate piercing can be saved for sharing with your nearest and dearest or can be displayed with a sheer top.


Pretty Piercing Ideas List

At number 7 we have the helix piercing. This is another popular piercing for the ear and looks great when combined with other types of ear piercing. It is designed to be worn with stud or hoop jewellery and sits on the rim of the ear. Just like lobes, you can opt for multiple similar piercings to create an awesome multi-hoop style. This is a popular piercing for females because of the style possibilities. Combine with your tragus piercing and it is sure to look cute or make up your own earring constellation. 


Lip piercings are becoming popular piercings for guys and come in all sorts of varieties. The traditional lip piercing is a single hoop or stud on one side of the lip but you can also opt for piercings such as Monroe or snake bites which are placed just above of below the lip allowing you to create the exact look you are after.


Second to last, we have the scaffolding piercing. This piercing requires two piercings. It is a bar that stretches across your ear. This can look awesome if you are looking for that one statement piece and if you decide to take out your scaffold bar you can always insert two hoops or studs instead.


The final piercing on our list is the tongue bar. This fun piercing is perfect for those who don't want an external piercing. While you do need to be patient with the healing process, it is sure to be worth the wait. There are plenty of brightly coloured bars your can wear in your new body mod.


Think you have found the piercing jewellery of your dreams but feeling a little nervous about the pain factor? If you are looking for information on top 10 piercings that hurt the most and least then check out this handy blog post for our expert pain ratings! 

Make 2018 your year to be daring and head to one of our studios for your next piercing. We hope you enjoyed our list of most popular piercings and if you haven't found your perfect piercing today there are plenty of other types to explore. Don't forget to visit our blog again soon for the latest on alternative fashion, piercings and new releases!