Introducing Hickies 2.0 - the new and improved version of the original no tie shoelaces. This updated version may look quite similar to Hickies 1.0 but there are some key design changes as well as a huge range of colours to choose from. Check out our full range of Hickies here.

When Hickies are still in the packet it can be hard to imagine what they will look like on your shoes and how they tie up. For helpful hints on how to fasten your new no tie shoe lacing head to the Hickies website. You will find out there is more than one way to lace your Hickies, from regular fit to other lace up styles. Once you have inserted your laces you will be able to enjoy having a hassle free no tie shoe.

As part of the Hickies 2.0 range, you can get brand new metallic colours just like the ones above. With shimmering ends, your footwear and lace combo is sure to grab attention. These no tie shoe strings are two toned to create a striking contrast. The striking metallic colours are paired with black, silver or white rubber laces are the perfect duo. Each pack contains 14 Hickies which is enough to lace one pair of shoes.

One of the most exciting changes to the Hickies stretch shoe laces is the more streamline design. The flatter shape gives a smooth finish which is sure to help show off your favourite footwear in a flawless even line.

If you are worried about how secure your feet will feel with Hickies as your shoe laces then we have some news for your. Hickies 2.0 features an upgraded material for better durability and elasticity. The elastic sneaker laces will move with your foot so you are sure to always feel comfortable. Don't forget if your Hickies laces are feeling too loose or too tight then you can try a different style of lacing. With plenty of options on how to wear your Hickies, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you.

See below some of the darker colour options from Hickies elastic shoelaces. From burgundy to deep purple, these laces are sure to look great when paired with your darker winter footwear or could be a cool contrast to a pair of white trainers.

If you think brighter is better then we know you will adore the neon range. If you are going to wear Hickies no tie shoelaces then why not draw attention to your new footwear accessory? These bright colours could help you create a cute multicoloured outfit or can provide a pop of colour to your look.

Whether you are wearing your Hickies as an everyday shoelace or for gym shoes no laces you can be confident that your shoes will stay secure. No more interrupting your fitness routine to retie your laces! The durable elastic will stretch with your foot as you move around. Whether you are doing gentle exercise or an intense workout you can rely on Hickies. The 2.0 version has an even more secure design so your shoes will stay fastened and ready to slip on.

For some, tying shoelaces can be a struggle due to mobility problems or other conditions. If you switch to Hickies you can enjoy easy laces elastic shoe fasteners that will help you slip into your footwear in no time. All you need is a pair of shoes with eyelets so you can thread your no tie shoelaces for adults through. These could be a variety of types since Hickes are compatible with most materials. To see the types of eyelets you can have, see this helpful information from Hickies.

Where Can I Buy Hickies Shoelaces

If you need a little more convincing that no tie shoelaces are the potential future of footwear accessories then be sure to look up Hickies 2.0 review. You will be able to see comparisons between their models and also the benefits of no tie shoelaces compared to laces.

When it comes to shopping no tie shoelaces UK you have found the right place. Here at Blue Banana, you can browse an extensive range of Hickies designs to choose the colour that suits your footwear.

The final products in our Hickies 2.0 collection are shown below. These bright multicoloured and two tone laces are sure to look great with a range of styles and will undoubtedly add something unique to your footwear. Whether you are into kawaii styles or alternative looks, you could soon be adding a pair of Hickies to your trainers.

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