If you are thinking about stretching your lobe piercing or already have and need some new jewellery then Blue Banana is the place to be to get your cheap ear gauges. With so much to think about before diving in and beginning to stretch your ear it may seem like a long way off before you will be able to get started on your jewellery collection however when stretching a piercing patience is vital. 

Perhaps you are reading this blog because this is a new piercing topic to you. If you are asking what are ear gauges then read on. Ear gauges are used to stretch healed peircings, particularly lobe piercings. Today we are focusing on lobes but other stretching body modifications include cheek, lips and nose. You must be 100%. sure you want to pursue this body modification because once you have stretched your peircing past a certain point it will not return to its original size. At Blue Banana we stock sizes from 2mm - 50mm. Before you get started there are some important steps to take:

  • Make sure you only stretch a fully healed piercing

  • Clean the piercing thoroughly

  • Sterilise the jewellery

  • Wait one month between each of the ear gauges sizes

  • For more information on how to safely stretch your piercing follow this link

If you want to get really cheap ear gauges then be sure to browse our sale range. With many low price options you are sure to find the perfect piercing jewellery for you. If you love to get a discount, check out these three options below. The variety of styles available means you are sure to be able to find the perfect piercing jewellery for you.


Cheap Gauges And Plugs

If you are looking to begin your ear stretching journey then you are definitely going to need a cheap ear stretching kit. The great thing about these kits is they come in an awesome range of designs so even while you are stretching your piercing it can still look great. Here are our favourites, from bright colours to funky patterns.


If you are looking for cheap ear gauges sold in pairs then we think you are missing out on having fun with two contrasting designs! Why have a pair when you can choose complimentary designs for each ear? Often people will only stretch one piercing which is sure to give you a statement look. These fun designs are sure to bring out your quirky personality.


If you are looking for a piece of jewellery with a little class and sophistication then you can definitely dress up for an evening with these designs. The Pearlescent Plug will give you a smart and stylish design that will pair with your best dress or suit. The cute owl design is in an antique silver colour for that down to earth vibe. You can always keep it natural with a wooden plug. This Celtic ear plug is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.


We just love scrolling through ear gauges pictures. It is easy to be tempted into adding lots of new items to your basket and we are here to temp you just a little more. With free UK delivery on our piercing jewellery you can get these awesome designs for small pocket money prices! This is the perfect option is you are struggling to find cheap ear gauges near me.


This is just a taster of some of our cheap ear tunnels and plugs. The fun is in being able to browse these items for yourself. Select your favourite colour or find the material that is best for you. We want to make sure your piercing jewellery is perfect for you, after all everyone's bodies and styles are different.

Browse the full section of cheap ear gauges here!