Alternative Rucksäcke: Neu eingetroffene Artikel, Sonderangebote und Taschen in limitierter Auflage

Alternative Rucksäcke: Neu eingetroffene Artikel, Sonderangebote und Taschen in limitierter Auflage

Did you know you can shop 100s of backpacks, shoulder bags, and handbag styles at Blue Banana from brands such as Hype, Banned and Rocksax? Our eclectic collection of alternative backpacks has a little something for all aesthetics. Are the kids heading back to school or do you need a killer goth backpack to match your outfits? We can help you tick both off your shopping list. With sale items as well as the latest styles, our backpacks range from as little as £10 each.

Featured Products

Banned Cat Bone Rucksack Mit Lautsprechern (Schwarz/Weiß)
Banned Cat Bone Rucksack Mit Lautsprechern (Schwarz/Weiß)
Hype Logo Rucksack (Schwarz)
Hype Logo Rucksack (Schwarz)

Our latest backpack product launch is from Rocksax, the official band merch brand. With a range of genres and artists available including the likes of Metallica, Pink Floyd, and Motorhead these sturdy rucksacks deliver when it comes to design. These punk rock backpacks are large enough to fit a laptop in the interior laptop pouch. This practical design features two zipped pockets and adjustable padded straps. The quality print design celebrates these amazing bands, perfect for that band fan that has everything already! Check out the full range of Rocksax bags to see even more band options.


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Shop By Backpack Style

We all have our favourite prints. Whether spots, stripes, or tie dye does it for you, you can select your favourite style from our filter to see exactly what we have available. If you are looking for these styles, we have some exciting curveball designs for you to test out:

  • Coffin Backpack: The Banned Ghoul Bag features an elegant coffin shaped design with spiderweb stitching.
  • Skull and Crossbones Backpack: The Banned Cat Fish Bone Backpack with speakers features a skeleton cat and fish that screams old school emo backpacks.
  • Skull Backpack: Nemesis Now has teamed up with Disney to bring you the Nemesis Now Remember Me Backpack inspired by Coco. The detailed design has so many Easter eggs from the movie if you look closer. This high quality backpack is an adult Disney fan’s dream.

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While we love to make sure the whole family is covered when it comes to backpacks, at the heart of Blue Banana will always be alternative fashion. That’s why we are so excited by the latest product drop from Banned. Our range of Banned alternative bags includes backpacks, shoulder bags, and handbags with themes such as tartan, pentagrams, and handcuffs. Banned gothic backpack designs range from leather effect bags with witchy details such as pentagrams to grungy tartan backpacks.

Hype Backpacks

You will find a range of edgy backpacks in our sale section, starting with £10 rucksacks by Hype. The range of designs that Hype offer will allow you to find the look that works best for your style.

Hype is best known for its funky backpack designs such as Drips, Holographic, Speckle, Tie Dye, and Leopard. Hype backpacks are designed to stand up to the wear and tear that you or your children will put on them. The sturdy adjustable straps are made for comfort with a padded design; the two zipped pockets will help you to stay organised and keep everything you need for the day secure and ready to go.

While there are plenty of kids’ designs in our sale, there is also a range of punk backpacks from Hype. Our favourite styles include Hype Wave Drip in Black, Hype Mono Static Wave in Black, and Hype Fence.

If you love cute backpacks then try designs such as Hype Pastel Clouds, Hype Ice Leo, Hype Sweet Splat, Hype Geo Lilac, and Hype Hearts.

Shop By Backpack Colour

Choose the colour you need for your school policy or outfit idea. With a whole rainbow of shades and designs to discover, you can find a style that matches your unique vibe. 

Hype bags are a great option for back to school backpacks. You will find the classic Hype backpack design available in a range of colours including school staples, black and navy.

With a rise in pastel Goth and e-girl fashion trends, an adorable pink backpack has suddenly taken on a new vibe when paired with Lolita, anime girl or alternative fashion. Experiment with a pop of colour or try an adorable love heart print.

If black is the only colour you need in your wardrobe then browse our collection of black backpack options with epic gothic designs from brands such as Banned and Nemesis Now. Their sophisticated witchy designs are filling our little Gothic hearts with pure joy and our heads with plenty of outfit ideas.

Limited Edition Harry Potter Backpacks


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Time to send a Howler about the epic Harry Potter collection available at Blue Banana. The Harry Potter x Hype backpack collection features fan favourites such as the Hogwarts house crests, Honeydukes, the Hogwarts Express, and more. These awesome backpacks and lunch boxes are limited edition so choose the style that you love to add to your collection.

We would love to see you styling your new backpack so make sure to tag us on Instagram with your latest look!

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