If you’re feeling sad that summer is over then don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to bring some brightness into your life: the Manic Panic 8oz Pots!

If you’ve not heard, Manic Panic has released their most popular classic hair dye colours in even bigger pots! Get 8 ounces of Manic Panic High Voltage Colour to complete your hair makeover.

What Colours Can I Find In the Manic Panic 8oz Range?


  • Hot Hot Pink

  • Cotton Candy Pink

  • Atomic Turquoise

  • Fuschia Shock

  • Enchanted Forest

  • Psychedelic Sunset

  • Vampire Red

  • Rockabilly Blue

  • Rock 'n' Roll Red

All the Manic Panic shades feature their standard conditioning formula to keep your hair beautifully nourished and healthy. Be bold and bright with this awesome range of High Voltage Colours.

Being creative with your colour shouldn’t come at a price to your hair. That’s why all Manic Panic dyes are free from PPD, ammonia and parabens so you don’t have to worry about any damage to your hair. They’re even vegan and cruelty-free as they are a PETA-registered brand so you won’t have to compromise your ethics for some colourful hair.

This 8oz Manic Panic Hair Dye range uses handy pots with resealable lids so if you have some dye left over, it doesn’t have to go to waste; just reseal and reuse later! The dyes last up to 12 months once opened so you can top up your colour once it starts to fade with your leftover dye. Just make sure to keep it resealed and store it in a cool, dark place.

If you’re a fan of Manic Panic then you’re sure to be a fan of their bright and colourful shades including their UV range. You can now get their UV Pink colours, Hot Hot Pink and Cotton Candy in an 8oz volume.

These 8oz pots of hair dye will give you 4-6 weeks of bright, shiny colour when applied to a level 9 blonde. If you’re applying these shades to dark hair, you won’t achieve such a bright colour. Manic Panic dyes work best when they are applied to a bleached or platinum blonde base as the hair will absorb all the pigment leaving you with a super vibrant finish. If your hair is below level 6 then you may find it hard to achieve a vibrant result. Using the dyes from our 8oz range on dark hair may only produce a subtle hue.

What is my hair level?

Hair levels range from 1-9 with level 1 being black hair and level 9 being bleached white hair.

It’s important to remember to prepare the hair before colouring. Make sure you have the correct hair level for the dye, your hair is clean and dry and you carry out a patch and strand test prior to dyeing with a new product.

How many pots will I need to dye my hair? 

For short hair, above your shoulders, we recommend using 1 8oz pot.

For medium-length hair, between your shoulders and waist, we recommend using 2 8oz pots.

For long hair, from your waist downwards, we recommend using 3 or more 8oz pots.

If you have thick hair this can affect how much dye you will need. If your hair is very thick you may need an extra pot to cover all your hair.

How do I dye my hair?

If you’re a first-time dyer then why not take a look at our handy guides? Find out how to do a strand or patch test, how to apply the dye and how to care for your newly dyed hair.

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