Tokyo Street Style Influences

Here at Blue Banana we love to explore alternative fashion styles and one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2018 was Tokyo Street Style. This unique style made it overseas to alt fashion fans in the UK and US. While it is hard to say exactly what Tokyo street fashion is, one thing is for sure; it is all about expressing what you love through your clothing.

There are different trends is different regions. One of the most popular styles is Harajuku fashion. Harajuku style tends to be set apart by it's colourful clothing combos whereas some areas of Japan focus on more monotone looks.

The main message behind Tokyo street style is to make a statement about who you are through your clothing. This is exactly the kind of message we are into, and we bet some of you would love to explore this style too! At Blue Banana, we are lucky enough to have worked with some talented alternative fashion bloggers and we definitely think they would look awesome if they took their looks to Tokyo.

Blogger Foxxtailz is a confessed Harajuku lover. She loves rainbow colours and always makes a statement with her outfits. Foxxtailz staple item is a Blue Banana choker. Accessories are an essential part of your Tokyo street style fashion. Check out our range of accessories to find your own styles, here. Below are a selection of our favourites.

See Foxxtailz below wearing her Blue Banana choker. While this product is now out of stock, there are still plenty of other pieces that you could use to create your own Harajuku style. Be bold when creating your Harajuku clothing outfits and you are sure to love your new look. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Another trend we have noticed when looking through a Tokyo street style book is an emergence of gorgeous fluffy clothing. Inspired by kawaii styles, a cosy jacket or fluffy purse is sure to make your outfit cute. Contrasting this with a graphic tee or gothic top can look awesome. Check out Popcorn and Glitter rocking our Night Of The Living Dead T Shirt paired with a pink fluffy jacket. The green writing and pink coat look so cool when paired together!

Here are some of our favourite fluffy items. Not only will they help you to complete a Tokyo street style Instagram worthy look, they will also keep your feeling cosy.

Popcorn and Glitter also loved our Blue Banana Faux Fur Clutch Bag. Nothing completes an outfit like an adorable bag. Choosing a shoulder bag design is the best way to tie your outfit together.

There is nothing worse than cramping your style with a plain bag. Check out these Blue Banana favourites, perfect for wearing as cross-body bags to add to your Tokyo street fashion.

Milex is definitely forward thinking when it comes to fashion. We love these outfits and love the creativity behind them. A key aspect of Tokyo street style 2018 that was hugely popular is layering. Use different clothing items to create a layered look and enjoy a mix of textures, patterns and colours. As you can see Milex has used a layering approach with the Spiral Direct x American Horror Story White Nun Asylum T Shirt. Choosing a larger size can help you achieve a casual oversized look just like this.

As you can see when it comes to Japanese street fashion the message is to be creative and true to yourself. This means you can shop a range of clothing from band merch to cute accessories. Pairing two contrasting pieces together can help you to create a unique look. Shop the look from our bloggers below.

When you look at Tokyo fashion week 2018 street style the general trend is oversized clothing with long lines and plenty of brightly coloured hairstyles. Sometimes a new hair colour can totally change your look so be sure to stop by our hair dye section for inspiration.

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Written By Amy McEvoy

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