Tartan Clothing Online: Dresses, Trousers & Accessories

Tartan clothing is an absolute staple of alt fashion. Checkered print never goes out of style and comes in all kinds of colours to match your vibe. If you are looking for tartan clothing online then stick with Blue Banana for a range of alternative, grunge, and vintage tartan fashion.

One of the most popular types of tartan clothing is dresses. Whether you are a fan of vintage or Gothic fashion, tartan prints have been around for generations and provide an iconic look for either style. Here is a look at some of our modern tartan dresses in a range of colours and designs. 

As you can see there are many types of tartan plaid dresses, including designs with corset detailing, zip detailing, or dungaree style straps.

What kind of trousers will look awesome with your favourite band tee? Tartan trousers of course! These gorgeous jeans by Banned are a wardrobe essential as they will go with so many outfits. Just picture them with your favourite pair of Docs or New Rocks for a badass grunge vibe or a pair of cute heels for a cute finish. These womens tartan trousers are form-fitting but have a stretch material for your comfort.

Just like trousers, tartan skirts are the perfect pairing with your favourite T shirts. This awesome alt tartan clothing comes in a range of cuts to suit a variety of outfits including skater skirts and pencil skirts. With the Jawbreaker Pretty Vacant Punk Plaid Skirt, you can also enjoy detachable suspender straps.

Looking for tartan clothing mens? These short sleeve shirts are a perfect go-to for all kinds of events but they have a cool alt twist. Check out the embroidered scarab beetle on the collar!

Need something to pair with your epic alt outfits? Check out the Chemical Black Velika Tartan Jacket. Our little tartan heart is totally in love with the split yellow and red design with additional zips.

Tartan dresses have been around for a long time. As you can see, these vintage tartan dresses and tartan clothes look like they have come straight from the 50s. The gorgeous retro styles of these items are sure to match your pin up or rockabilly style.

Want to add some tartan apparel to your look? Whether you simply love adding a subtle touch of tartan to every outfit or are going for a head-to-toe plaid vibe, adding some accessories to your collection will open up even more outfit options! These awesome shoes and bum bags are a great place to start when it comes to tartan accessories. The classic red tartan on the New Rock Boots will always be a timeless look, while a bum bag is sure to come in handy when you head out to gigs and festivals in your coordinated outfit.

As you can see, we are fans of tartan clothing here at Blue Banana. From a classic tartan dress to a tartan shirt, this pattern is a truly timeless design that will find its place in any fashion style. Add to your womens tartan clothing collection with Blue Banana, with high quality brands such as Banned, Jawbreaker, Hell Bunny, and New Rock.

Written By Amy McEvoy

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