Step Up Your Fashion with Our Latest Promo for Stylish Footwear

Blue Banana Up To 70% Off Footwear

Here at Blue Banana, we provide a massive range of shoes, boots, slippers and more. If you love stylish footwear as much as we do then we’ve got some great news. The up to 70% off Footwear Sale is afoot. With so many of our shoes on sale there has never been a better time to buy a pair. So whether you’re looking for a flat shoe or the chunkiest of Gothic boots, we have you covered.

Putting so many products on sale is no mean feat and it won’t be around for long. Grab a great deal before 11/08/2017 or you’ll be missing out. With great brands from Banned to New Rocks we have exactly what you desire. However, if you don’t have a specific choice in mind for your stylish footwear then you should check out some of these popular choices from our expansive range.

Get High Quality New Rock Boots

If you love everything Alternative and Gothic when it comes to fashion, then you can kick your look into overdrive with these immensely chunky New Rock Boots. With a special construction process, these are the definition of durable, flexible and comfortable!

We know that for a lot of you lovers of Gothic fashion are also vegan. So we sell some Vegan New Rocks so you can look great without having to compromise on your lifestyle. So if you want a platform boot with lots of metal buckles then the M.373-S7 (left) would be perfect for you.

If adding a bit of colour is your thing, then we have plenty of patterned and hand dyed New Rocks including the M.NEOTR006-S2 Boots (middle) that look really incredible with their floral features and high rubber heel.

Otherwise, you can try a more American style with a pair of Crocodile Skin or Snakeskin Cowboy Boots like the M.7921-S1 (right). The mix of textured and embroidered material makes these metal heeled boots look amazing.

Shoes for Any Occasion with Banned

Whether you’re looking for a pair of party shoes to take out on the town or a pair of sensible yet stylish footwear, Banned has it sorted. If you’re looking for a pretty pair of flat shoes, the Banned Isabella (left) is a great choice. With a polka-dot design and a strawberry design, these shoes are the perfect addition for any summer situation.

If you’d rather add some height when you pick a pair of shoes, then a pair of wedges is a certain fashion winner. A real corker in our range of wedge shoes is the Mustang Sally Heeled Shoes (middle) with their large cork wedge with a stitched cherry design. Pair these with a little black dress for a great party outfit.

Going even higher with the heels, we have the Banned Sage Rose Heels (right) for those who want a pair of peep toe shoes to take a special occasion. The mix of black, green and red make a wonderful combination with a green or black dress.

Have A Bleeding Heart for Stylish Footwear?


If you’re looking for some canvas shoes but think the prices are too high then these alternatives to famous brands will give you a great pair of shoes for a much cheaper price. If you’re happy and you know if click your heels with the Smiley Hi Tops (left) that are covered with smiley faces for a cool yellow and black canvas shoe.

As well as Hi Tops, Bleeding heart also has a range of ankle height shoes including the supernatural style of the Occult Symbols Shoes (middle). You’ll love looking at all the different symbols and trying to figure out their purpose. These are great lounge shoes for spending a lazy day out in the sun and for such a low price its hard to pass up the opportunity.

Last but definitely not least is the Shiny LED Sole Trainers (right). If you find yourself with any excuse to turn off the lights, you’ll jump for the switch with these amazing light-up shoes. The cushioned inside is super comfortable and the shiny exterior will reflect the lights to look even cooler.

So those were some of our favourite shoes for the Blue Banana up to 70% off Footwear sale. If you liked any of these then be sure to explore our entire range of shoes. You don’t want to miss out on a great deal for the perfect pair of shoes. It doesn’t have to cost much to put some soul into your stylish footwear so check it out the Blue Banana Footwear Section before the sale ends on 11/08/2017!!

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Written By BlueBanana