The Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Merchandise

This week we're here to celebrate something special, and although for some it may be a little early let's talk about Christmas! But not just any Christmas; in case you didn't know Tim Burton's award winning animation has struck it's 25th year and it really gets us excited! 


Although we'd all love to be the character of Jack Skellington living in 'Halloween Town', we're sure that you would agree that each year wouldn't be the same without a month of Christmas Town! With that let us talk more about one of our favorite Gothic animations, awesome merch and why it's still amazing after 25 years!

The Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary

With it being the 25th Anniversary, it's the perfect time to re-watch this masterpiece and show off your love for some Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Merchandise. At Blue Banana we have an incredible range of NBX merch ready to show you, but first let us talk you through our gifts and stocking fillers! 

Whether you're buying for someone who loves their official band merchandise and fashion, but appreciate a flare of pop culture, they'll be right at home with our Nightmare Before Christmas It's Jack Festival Bands in Black and Purple. This neat 2 pack features Pumpkin King and Jack Skellington themed wristbands that can upscale any alternative look! But that's not all! We also have a range of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise for people who love office and travel mugs. See the Nightmare Before Christmas Face Of Jack Travel Mug here! See all of our Nightmare Before Christmas merch below:

Nightmare Before Christmas T Shirts

Doesn't that get you into the Christmas spirit?!?! This film is a key part of bringing out the festivities at Blue Banana, which means we have a huge range of Nightmare Before Christmas shirts available! The reason we love this line of official clothing is because it isn't just for the Christmas period. Jack Skellington's gothic theme makes for a perfect pop culture character to incorporate into alternative and Gothic styles all year round.

At Blue Banana you'll be able to find styles resembling the Nightmare Before Christmas Cracked Face T Shirt in Black; but for those looking to celebrate 25 years even further, we also have a couple of new additions specifically for the occasion. See our whole range of NBX T Shirts below:

If you can't wait to theme your December around Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas then be sure to see our full section of alternative clothing and Christmas gifts here! But if you're here for Christmas shopping you'd be silly to go anywhere without seeing our full range of Christmas gifts! Here you'll be able to find amazing offers on pop culture clothing, movie themed merchandise and even Gothic ornaments. Pick up your stocking fillers here!

Written By Oliver Jenkins