New Novelty Memory Sticks Batch

Introducing the novelty memory sticks in a range of funny and bizarre designs. With a 4GB memory on each stick, you can be sure to store tons of your important work and coursework safely. Coming with plenty of space, you can also expect loads of style and humour from one of our novelty USB sticks. In a wide variety of styles and colours, there is a design fit for your personality here. If you’re bored of your plain drive and you fancy something to match your sense of humour, Blue Banana have just the thing for you. Keep yours on your set of keys or in your bag, you never know when it could come in handy. Browse through our novelty memory sticks to choose the one for you.

Funny 4GB USB Drive Range

There is a variety of novelty memory sticks available in different designs and colours to keep even your most important files stylish. It’s not just documents you can store on your USB stick, try moving your pictures and music to it to show your friends. With funny and interesting designs to unusual and wacky styles, there are flash drives in here for everyone. From a Blue Banana guitar design USB stick to a Blue Banana pink teddy USB stick, there is one to suit your character and taste. With a large 4GB of memory, you can keep adding files to your USB drive. Search through our collection of novelty memory sticks to pick the right one.

Memory Flash Stick Collection

All of our novelty memory sticks come in a sole style and unusual design. Making the perfect gift for someone or if you’re always forgetting to take your coursework to school, a funny USB stick is the way forward. Created with school, college and even work in mind, we know how important it is for you to store your work in a safe place. Each and every flash drive comes complete with a 4GB memory, making sure you have ample room. With one in here to suit your individual style and personality, prove that you have a sense of humour in the form of a USB stick. For those of you with a colourful sense of humour, the Blue Banana smiley 4GB USB stick is what you need. If you have a soft side, why not get the Blue Banana black teddy USB stick. Take a look around our range today for your novelty memory sticks in unique styles.

Written By BlueBanana