Galactic Empire Gig Review @ Plymouth Hub 05/02/2017

Galactic Empire is an awesome band that brings classic Star Wars tunes to life with METAL. You may remember we were pretty excited about the tour in some of our previous blog posts. Why not check out our Top 10 Rock and Metal Tours Heading to the UK in 2017 post here? Unfortunately, the band’s tour was sabotaged by rebel forces back in December. But now, Galactic Empire is back with a vengeance to complete their tour in 2017! Not missing the chance to combine our love for metal and geekery, we headed down to Plymouth Hub to see what the band had to offer!

Galactic Empire Gig Review @ Plymouth Hub 05/02/2017

Photo Credit: Galactic Empire Official Facebook Page

Galactic Empire: The Verdict

Some metal and rock heads think they’ve seen it all. Yet stood in a crowd with two Stormtroopers is not something you’d expect to see at a metal gig. The stage was set with Death Star panelling and ambient lighting. All that was left was the arrival of the Dark Sith Lord himself. With the Star Wars Main Theme blaring out behind them, lead guitarist Dark Vader and his subjects took to the stage.

Once you get past the costumes, you realise that these guys can really play. Yes, the bassist is a Stormtrooper Commander and Boba Sett is on the drums, but that’s part of the fun! Galactic Empire certainly caters for both sci-fi lover and metal head needs. Bringing to life the classic theme songs of composer John Williams with heavy metal guitar riffs.

As well as the Main Theme and The Imperial March the band blasted their way through a whole wealth of Star Wars favourites. Duel of the Fates and The Forest Battle were very welcome and extremely well performed. However, no song had a greater reception than their rendition of the Cantina Band – probably the highlight song for us!

Galactic Empire clearly loves their Star Wars, and kind of acknowledges how much Vader and Co playing instruments can be kind of hilarious. They made sure to give us the full Star Wars experience, with a defective test of the Death Star ray and even the force choking of a rebel onstage – pretty serious stuff. They certainly tried to make it more fun to watch, which made for an entertaining evening.

Coming Soon To A Cantina Near You

Galactic Empire is still on tour throughout the UK during February. So, if they’re swinging by your local cantina, we certainly recommend you check them out! Head over to Galactic Empire’s Facebook page for all tour date information. For a fun, sci-fi filled night of Star Wars metal music madness, you really can’t go far wrong with a night hosted by Galactic Empire. Awesome metal-filled fun that certainly has the Blue Banana seal of approval. We rate Galactic Empire ????/5 Bananas!

We’ve also received a transmission that the band’s most recent album has been released. We highly recommend that you check them out on Spotify!

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Written By Sam Oliver