Cool Female Shewee Products

Unveiling the new Shewee range at Blue Banana, you can now enjoy your outdoor activities and festivals hygienically. We know camping and living in the great outdoors can be uncomfortable and thanks to this new urination device, women can live life to the max without a worry. Portable, lightweight in an abundance of colours, you can now urinate just like guys thanks to She Wee. Wave goodbye to feeling awkward or uneasy about doing your business. Welcome to the next generation for outdoor essentials by forgetting about dirty toilets and taking your clothes off. If you’re into jogging, cycling, canoeing or even skiing, this urinal will really come in handy when you need to go. There’s no need for embarrassment with our SheWee extreme product.

Reusable Urination Devices

Our Shewee products will really help you out over the course of a festival weekend. Each urination device is reusable and doesn’t need to be cleaned, so you can be sure your urine funnel will last a long time. Made from Polypropylene, all of the funnels are kind to the environment. Good for the planet and good for your hygiene, these portable devices couldn’t be better so take a look at our festival accessories. The She Wee is extremely easy to use and ideal if you’re stuck in traffic or walking your dog. If you can’t face the thought of using a festival toilet, and we don’t blame you, urinate in style with a SheWee pink. NATO approved, even the Armed Forces are using Shewee items as they are lightweight, portable and straightforward.

Portable Urinals for Festivals

The Shewee items are mostly designed for outdoor activities where toilets are scarce and you’re confronted with the horror of using a bush. For those who fear the long queues for the loos at festivals, the She Wee portable alternative beats waiting to use an unhygienic toilet. With this simple device you won’t need to be bogged down with toilet roll. The urination devices come in a selection of colours so if you thought this genius invention would be nothing but practical then you are wrong. You can choose from different types and colours to match your personality. From the SheWee carry case in pink to the SheWee extreme, one of these items will catch your eye. Be prepared for your festival, and the journey up, this year with a Shewee urinating device.

Written By BlueBanana