Fabulous Body Piercing

Check out our body piercing Plymouth range exclusive to Blue Banana where you have access to a wide range of body piercing jewellery, information and alternative types of piercings. Visit any one of our stores and you’ll be sure to find everything you could possibly need all in one handy place. As an example, our Blue Banana Plymouth store has tons of essential details and information regarding body and ear piercings, as well as a team of fully trained staff to help with any enquiries.  So, for a range of safe, secure and stylish body piercing types and jewellery, head to Blue Banana now.

Unique Body Jewellery

The awesome art of body piercing has become an incredibly popular trend and a huge part of the fashion industry. With different types to match your individual style, you can have subtle ear piercings to give you an extra feeling of glam. Alternatively, you can get those that are slightly more hardcore and will allow you to completely dominate your area of fashion. The great thing about Blue Banana is that we have piercing shops located all over the UK, simply click on our find a shop link and select a store near you. Body piercing is a big deal and an even bigger craze right now, which is why we encourage you to do it right and to be careful.

Navel Rings and Ear Piercings

Fashionable and safe body piercing is what makes us happy, and it will make you satisfied with your piercing when you’ve had it done. We love to provide you with everything you could possibly need in one simple shop, which is why we now offer a variety of things from body and ear piercing to festivals, tattoo products and tons of items from awesome brands like Criminal Damage clothing. Better still, we have an incredible body piercing glossary online which is bursting with vital information to aid with all types of body piercing. So, what are you waiting for? Get clued up and browse our site to discover all you need to know about piercings, before visiting us in store.

Written By BlueBanana