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Being a fan of alternative music can mean that occasionally news from one of your favorite artists can slip through the cracks (even if you are their greatest fan)! Recently there has been a tonne of killer rock and metal news to come around, with some of the top bands releasing new material to tease in the wait for their next album, or some even announcing massive arena tours. If you've missed this, we definitely think you need to catch up! So with that in mind, let's get ready to take a look at the latest rock and metal news and a brief look at the best selling band merchandise!

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Bring Me The Horizon Tour Dates & Merchandise

By far the biggest story of last week was Bring Me The Horizon. However they also appeared in the beginning of this weeks news too. Luckily for all of us we got to hear the brand new Bring Me The Horizon Mantra Single from their upcoming album titled Amo. We cannot get enough of this track and when we heard that they also released dates for a brand new UK + EU tour, we couldn't believe our luck. Not only does this fantastic band always deliver with their live performances, it'll be a chance to see the rest of their new album up close!

Check out the list of UK Tour dates below or see Louder Sounds article here!

  • Birmingham: 23rd November 
  • Leeds: 24th November 
  • Glasgow: 25th November 
  • Cardiff: 27th November 
  • London: 29th November 
  • London: 30th November

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Gear Up With Slayer Merch UK

At Blue Banana 'The Big Four' have always had a place among our band merchandise section. The iconic bands Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer have graced us with their fantastic thrash metal for decades. But now Slayer are throwing in the towel with the announcement of their farewell tour. So whether you've been lucky enough to see them already, or want to see them one final time, get ready to dust off your slayer t shirts vintage or grab yourself something new. The UK tour dates and tickets are now scheduled and ready to purchase, you'd be silly to miss out on this epic final performance!

Check out the UK Tour dates below or see our Official Slayer Merchandise Section here!

  • London: 3rd November
  • Cardiff: 5th November
  • Birmingham: 7th November
  • Manchester: 9th November
  • Newcastle: 10th November
  • Glasgow: 12th November

New Band Merch Ideas

Those are just two of our favourite stories and tour updates for the last couple weeks! Be sure to stay tuned with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we give you daily updates on your favourite alternative bands! But if you're still here looking for some cheap band merch; you're in luck! Take a look our full section of band merch here for more wardrobe ideas and the best clothing from your favourite alternative bands!

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