Monthly Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup | January 2014

Each and every month we scour the internet for enlightening blogs and articles written by talented bloggers and highlight them here so that they can get the exposure they deserve! There are blogs of all types covering may different fashion styles from gothic to steampunk, so get ready to be inspired!

Although January is often considered one of the most depressing months of the year, that still didn’t stop awesome bloggers from posting interesting stuff to read, So let’s take a look at some highlights!

Rick Genest: Alternative Model or Marketing Machine? by Elisa B at Style Bizarre
27/01/2014 Zombie Boy

This fascinating post, written by the talented Elisa over at alternative fashion blog Style, discusses the controversial topic of selling out. Using alternative model Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) as an example, she talks about how celebrities can go too far with their merchandising with putting their name on every product they can. It’s a fascinating topic to discuss, especially because an alternative model like Rick is supposed to stand against commercialisation. But what do you think, readers? Check out Elisa’s blog and let us know!

Steampunk Community Roles by Violet Von Mickelsburg at Steam Ingenious

If you’re looking for a blog post that really makes you think, then you should definitely check out this post about steampunk community gender roles, written by steampunk enthusiast Violet Von Mickelsburg. The blog was written in response to an article about how the genre screws around with Victorian gender norms. However, Violet shares her own perspective on gender roles in the community in relation to the clothing both men and women wear. It’s quite fascinating and an in depth read steampunk fans will love.

Living Life Like in the 1950s – America’s Rockabilly Community by Sumitra at Oddity Central

If you thought you were a hardcore rockabilly enthusiast then just wait until you see these people featured in this post on Oddity Central. The article is all about people who not only dress in retro style but literally live their lives like it’s the 1950’s all the time, even using old school home appliances and cars! There are some quality photos and quotes from an article in Wired featured in the article which give an interesting perspective on their hardcore rockabilly lifestyle that probably puts most casual rockabillies to shame.

Common Misconceptions About Bloggers by Ali Zombie at Zombies Wear Eyeliner

The life of a blogger isn’t as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be, as Ali Zombie describes in this cool post on her personal Zombies Wear Eyeliner blog. Ali highlights some common misconceptions people have about independent bloggers like herself, including the assumption that they must be total experts on absolutely everything ever and that they should dictate to their readers. We can relate to your blogging woes, Ali!

5 Punk Rock Icons – How To Achieve Their Look by Eunisse De Leon at

If you’ve ever wanted to dress up as one of your rock and roll icons then take some advice from this cool post on Highlighting musicians such as Billie Joe Armstrong, Joey Ramone and even K Pop star G Dragon, it lets you know how to recreate their unique styles, including all the necessary clothing items and accessories that are required. That dream of looking like a punk superstar is closer than you might think!

So, that’s our roundup of five awesome blogs for this month. Let us know what you think in the comments and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment and don’t forget to check out all of these awesome posts!

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Written By BlueBanana