How To Touch Up Roots

Is root re-growth cramping your style? Whether you only like to go to the salon every couple of months or have dyed your own hair at home, your roots are likely to start showing through within 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how much your natural root colour contrasts with your dyed hair. In this article, we have answered your questions to help you learn how to touch up roots at home.

How can I touch up my roots at home?

To touch up roots at home you will need a tint brush and gloves. To quickly touch up your roots, part your hair in the place that you usually wear it and apply hair dye to the roots with your tint brush. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your skin. If you want to touch up the front roots, at your hairline then apply a layer of petroleum jelly to prevent staining and use your tint brush to colour your hair. If you style your hair in a particular way then continue adding dye to the roots that will show when your hair is in that style.

If you want to fully colour your roots then take your comb and re-part your hair a little way over from your usual parting and colour the roots with your tint brush. Continue this until you have covered all your roots. You may also need to move the top layer of hair at the back of your head in order to reach any roots there. To help with your roots touch up at home you can use a mirror if you are dyeing your roots on your own.

How long should you wait to touch up your roots?

If you are going to a salon to have your roots touched up then it is recommended to wait 4-6 weeks. If you want to refresh your hair colour at home, then you can colour your roots every couple of weeks. If you are doing a DIY root touch up at home then make sure to take note of the condition of your hair before deciding to touch up your roots and apply conditioner or hair masks if the hair is damaged.

Do you shampoo after root touch up?

It varies for each brand as to whether it is recommended to use shampoo after touching up your roots. If you are using a hair dye semi permanent root touch up on your roots then you will need to rinse it out of your hair once it has finished developing. Make sure to follow the hair dye instructions for your brand of hair dye.

How to dye roots only?

Don’t be tempted to colour your whole head again if only your roots need touching up. Instead, use a tint brush to target your roots. Remember, the roots at the front of your hairline may be finer or lighter than those in other areas of your head so apply the dye to your hairline last in order to balance out the colours and developing times. Root touch ups at home are easy to do as long as you only target the roots in order to preserve the condition of your dyed hair.

How to touch up roots on highlighted hair at home? 

Worrying about how to touch up roots without ruining highlights? Using a tint brush, you can precisely target the roots, meaning that your highlights will stay untouched. Only apply the hair dye to the new ‘virgin’ hair at the roots of your head but remember this hair has never been treated so may take longer to process or may need lightening in order to match the shade on the rest of your hair. Split your hair into four sections and work your way around, applying hair dye to the roots. You can gently blend it with the tips of your fingers. Once your hair dye has finished processing put on a clean pair of gloves to prevent any leftover hair dye getting on your highlights then thoroughly rinse out the hair. If you are unsure how to touch up roots on highlighted hair you can always go to a salon for assistance.

How to touch up roots on bleached hair at home?

Want to know how to touch up roots with bleach? Prepare your bleach product and make sure you have got a tint brush on hand. Put on your protective gloves and use the tint brush to apply the bleach close to your roots. For your root touch up, it is important not to leave the bleach on your hair for too long as it can damage the skin on your scalp. Make sure to precisely apply the bleach with a tint brush so that you are only lightening ‘virgin’ hair. It could cause damage to your hair if you add more bleach to an area of hair that has already been lightened and coloured. Once your bleach has processed, rinse it out as per the instructions.

How to fix brassy roots at home?

Has touching up your roots left them brassy? To fix brassy roots at home, you can use a toner to neutralise the orange tones. A purple toner will counteract the brassiness in your hair to leave you with a neutral colour. Alternatively, you can apply semi-permanent hair dye to your hair but if your roots are a different colour to the rest of your hair then the resulting colour of the hair dye may be different at the roots of your hair. If your hair is still in good condition after bleaching then you can wait a few days before re-bleaching hair to take it to an even lighter tone.

Now you are ready to touch up your roots at home, whether you need to bleach, tone, or use hair dye to blend your roots with your dyed hair colour.

Please Note: Blue Banana hair dye information should be read alongside professional advice. Blue Banana makes no guarantee of validity and additional instruction should be taken from trained persons.