Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR
Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR

The suspension body modification is one that is very unusual and isn’t a permanent piercing. The idea of body suspension is to hang a person from hooks a few feet off of the ground and there are many reasons why this is done. Throughout history there are many stories of suspension, some of which include the Mandan tribe, this is where it was first used and it was part of one of their rituals. In the modern day, the suspension process is used for a variety of different reasons, including meditation, spiritual fulfilment, entertainment and performance art.  No matter why people use suspension they should prepare thoroughly before doing any of the different types as it consists off a lot of mathematics and intelligence on the human anatomy.

There are many types of suspension that are used; some of these include the following:
  • Chest: This is where an individual has (usually) two hooks through the skin on their chest to hang them up, it is said to come from the Okipa ceremony of the Mandan people and was, in their culture, a rite of passage for a young man.
  • Coma: The coma suspension has the hooks placed in two rows in the chest, torso and legs and the name comes from the similar imagery in the film ‘Coma’.
  • Crucifix: During the suspension the hooks are placed in the arms as they are held up to create the same shape as if they wear hanging from a cross.
Especially with these types, suspension takes a lot long to prepare than it takes to actually do physically. This is because there are many things people need to take into consideration before attempting the tasks. Even though only one person is being suspended there still needs to be a small group of people to help as you need a good idea on how the process is going to work before doing it. Without taking proper precautions things can go wrong, such as ripping of the skin or damage to an individual’s anatomy. People need to know the strength of the skin to decide on how many hooks are needed in the suspension and they needed to be evenly distributed to be able to hold the persons wait.

The suspension piercings are only temporary and are like surface piercings, which is why it needed to be correctly done as a person’s skin isn’t very strong. It differs between which type of apparatus and how many hooks are used but many individuals have a different experience in body suspension. Some may move freely whilst off the ground while others stay still during their time suspended. A very unique type of body modification, suspension should definitely be done by professionals and is a dangerous task to try and achieve on your own.
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