Blue Banana 1.6mm Drop Jeweled Cross Nipple Bar (Crystal)
Blue Banana 1.6mm Drop Jeweled Cross Nipple Bar (Crystal)

The term ‘venom piercing’ is associated with the body modification of the tongue and involves two piercings of the tongue, usually side by side. This piercing area is most commonly known for being in the centre, but since alternative body jewellery has become such a large craze the new style named venom has become a popular type of body modification. Just like normal tongue modifications, this one has a few risks that can occur during piercing and after. When it comes to having the tongue pierced, piercers have to observe the outside of the tongue to ensure the veins aren’t too big or in the way. If they are in a risky place the venom will be unable to take place or the professionals will need to place it in a different angle.

After a venom piercing has been done it has a short healing process, this can take from 2 weeks to 5. The tongue piercing usually causes swelling after it has been done, which is why piercers use longer jewellery afterwards. The swelling may cause pain when speaking and people are advised to drink cold beverages and suck on crushed ice to reduce the size of the tongue. There are also things that individuals are told not to do if possible after the piercing, which includes smoking, drinking alcohol, eating spicy food and using mouthwash with alcohol in it. After the swelling has gone, other irritations may occur, but with a lot of oral care and mouthwash the irritation should soon fade. After the venom piercing has fully healed, the individual needs to replace the barbell with a smaller bar; this is usually 2mm-4mm shorter than the original jewellery.

After the venom piercing has healed there are still possibilities of problems with the body modification. Many risks that occur with a tongue piercing include the following:

  • Oral Trauma
  • Teeth Chipping
  • Brain Abscesses
These are shown in statistics to be more likely in individuals who have tongue or venom piercings, however the majority or people don’t experience serious problems with their body modification. Becoming more and more popular, this type of piercing is one that is seen quite a lot on the alternative scene, whether it is paired piercings on the tongue, lips or cheeks. It is best to seek advice before getting the venom piercing and be sure to go to a professional to have it done.
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