16mm UV Bendy Bar (White/Purple Star)

Having an anti tragus piercing can be a little painful; however at the end it does look great! This style of piercing is places in the raised fold of cartilage on the outside of the ear near to the tragus. Some may find that if their ears are too small, then this body modification will simply be a no go unfortunately. Before deciding to have an ear modification it is important that you check that you can still wear your other jewellery, else this piercing could replace them leaving you with a hole for nothing. If you do wear other jewellery and have other earrings then getting an anti tragus piercing could be a little risky as both pieces of metal can rub together and increase the likelihood of poor healing.

Tragus piercings have become extremely common over the past few years, however the anti tragus piercing is now making a new fashion statement. It is different and of course looks great, and this is why it is currently increasing in popularity. There are many types of jewellery that you can you wear with this modification including a curved barbell, ball closure ring or a circular barbell. These are the most comfortable pieces of jewellery that you can wear, but experiments can be made to make your new ear modification unique. In some cases the anti tragus can be very small, so it recommended that micro jewellery is used to avoid the piercing taking a long time to heal. Tragus piercings need to be cleaned twice a day with a saline solution and you should try to avoid contact with water to ensure that the anti tragus piercing heals quickly.

It normally takes around 8-18 weeks for an anti tragus piercing to heal, so if you follow the care instructions your new ear modification could even heal before the recommended time period. As this is a cartilage piercing, this process should be carried out using a needle and not a gun! Cartilage piercings with a gun should never be agreed on as it can cause various infections, and they are not designed to pierce through such thick flesh. It is likely after a few days of having the piercing that you will experience bleeding and crustiness, but only for the first few days. If this stays for a long while it is very important you get your anti tragus piercing checked out by your local GP.

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