Criminal Damage Shorts

Brand Name: Criminal Damage
Established: 1991 Ė Present Day
Speciality: Street Wear, Casual Clothing
Product Lines: T Shirts, Hoodies, Jeans, Chinos, Jackets, Shorts
Fashion Styles: Alternative, Rock, Punk, Street

Stylish Criminal Damage shorts have gained extra popularity in recent years due to their vast choice and superior quality. Whether itís Criminal Damage skinny shorts or hot pants for girls, there is something for everyone in their range. 

When The Weather Gets Warmer, Choose Criminal Damage Skinny Jeans

Not just designed for one season, the shorts from this brand can span all weather and all occasions to offer a truly versatile item of clothing.  As well as dedicated collections for men and women, Criminal Damage also have some unisex skinny shorts that follow in the same vein as their skinny jeans. 

Available in a range of traditional and unique colours, they're perfect for those who still want a slightly alternative or preppy look no matter how hot it is outside. This versatility is what has set Criminal Damage shorts apart from their competitors in recent years.

While both ranges of Criminal Damage shorts are extremely popular, it is widely recognised that their menís shorts are the slightly more popular of the two. This is generally because the brand has found more of a following among guys, and their skinny shorts come in more styles for men. However, this isnít to say that both collections arenít extremely popular among those who love street wear that offers something a little bit different. 

Get The Right Shorts For Your Alternative Style From Criminal Damage

Combining traditional styles and tailoring with a street edge, Criminal Damage offers quality that canít be found anywhere else. Some of the styles of Criminal Damage shorts that are on offer are:
  • Skinny Shorts Ė Following in the style of their legendary skinny jeans, cut off the bottom part of the leg and youíre basically there.  Available in a range of funky colours, they are a guaranteed winner.
  • Chino Style Ė A big hit on the fashion scene for a couple of years now, Criminal Damage do this style better than most. The best way to describe them is traditional with a twist.
  • Hot Pants Ė One for the girls, Criminal Damage hot pants offer unrivalled style. Designed to the same standard as their skinnies, they even do the cool skeleton hands print!
  • Playsuits Ė A bit of a variation on the shorts style, this brandís playsuits offer something different if you want a whole outfit in one.
Itís clear to see that Criminal Damage shorts arenít just another one of their product ranges. Instead, Criminal Damage skinny shorts are given just as much thought and attention as the rest of their clothing collections, ensuring they are not just an afterthought. 

Itís not just the general public that have come to love Criminal Damage's hot pants and shorts Ė they're also the clothing of choice for numerous bands and artists. Often seen on the stage and in music videos, the extra exposure has taken them to an even higher plain.

With all of this positive energy, itís guaranteed that the Criminal Damage shorts collection is going to expand!
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Criminal Damage Shorts

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