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Criminal Damage Hoodies

Brand Name: Criminal Damage
Established: 1991 – Present Day
Speciality: Street Wear, Casual Clothing
Product Lines: T Shirts, Hoodies, Jeans, Chinos, Jackets
Fashion Styles: Alternative, Rock, Punk, Street

Fashionable Criminal Damage hoodies have been part of the alternative fashion scene since 1991 due to the reputation that Criminal Damage have earned themselves. Distinctive, versatile and extremely well made, their skinny hoody range is widely recognised as one of the best around. 

Get Essential Alternative Style With Criminal Damage Hoodies

Broadly described as street wear, this brand like to take the trends of the moment and add their distinctive twist to create something that has never been seen before. This ability to think outside the box is what sets them apart from other companies, helping to form a very popular niche in the market. And not only have Criminal Damage hoodies earned themselves a high reputation among the general public, they are now worn by some big bands too.

While Criminal Damage hoodies come in a huge number of styles, the Criminal Damage skinny hoody is without doubt the most popular and the biggest seller. Simple yet stylish, the design is often copied yet never matched. With distinctive features yet understated styling, they comply with the company’s ethos while providing something different on the high street. 

Born and bred on the streets of East London, the Criminal Damage hoodies UK scene has well and truly exploded and that shows in the amount of styles available, including:
  • Skinny Fit Hoodies – The most popular type of hoody from Criminal Damage, they are unisex designs that come in almost any colour you can think of.
  • Varsity Hoodies – Taking the traditional American look and adding a fashionable twist, they have bold features to help you really stand out.
  • Hooded Shirts – A slight twist on the standard design, Criminal Damage are famous for their checked shirts with added stylish hoods.
  • Sleeveless Hoodies – Another unique twist on the skinny hoody, this brand produce several sleeveless hoodies that are perfect for summer.

Criminal Damage Hoodies - Where Music And Fashion Meet!

As well as forging themselves a reputation on the high street, Criminal Damage hoodies have also gained a reputation among the great and the good of the music scene. A skinny hoody can be seen in many music videos and on stage, with artists such as We Are The Ocean, Yashin and Magnetic Man all wearing Criminal Damage clothing. 

It is this level of fame that has helped propel the brand into the stratosphere of street wear, bringing them a reputation that they could never have thought possible when they started in 1991.

As stated in their ethos, they ‘work under minimal constraints, let their designers have fun and do their own thing’. It is this unique approach in the often restricted fashion world that sets Criminal Damage hoodies apart from their competitors.
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