Vixxsin Clothing

If you find that alternative fashion and gothic attire hones into your fashion tastes then you’re certain to love Poizen Industries’ latest venture with Vixxsin Clothing. Coming from Evil Clothing LTD, this brand certainly has that dark imagination to pull many Goths and alternative dressers on board.

For The Latest Poizen Industries Alternative Gear Stay In Tune With Vixxsin Clothing

Vixxsin fashion is a brand new range that presents its very own style. Vixxsin is a far cry from the bright, kitsch and electric designs that you’d find with the notorious Cupcake Cult range or other Poizen Industries brands. Vixxsin clothes focus on darker styles and far more industrial tones, with many of their items featuring predominantly black designs and reserved shadowy shades.

Accompanying this darker theme you’ll also find punk and industrial details such as safety pins, chains and zips to help decorate your unique look. This distinctive new brand offers alternative fashion to both men and women with a unique range of clothing including:

  • T Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Trousers
  • Tops
  • Jeans
  • Headwear
  • Dresses
  • Accessories
  • Leggings

Vixxsin Clothing Showing Off Distinctive Tattoo Inspired Artwork

Each item of Vixxsin clothing comes complete with its own distinctive style, but most recently they have ventured into the new and exciting realm of tattoo fashion, which is rife within the latest Vixssin releases.

With their dedicated in-house designers - Poizen Industries use their new Vixxsin brand to offer out some of the most creative and charismatic tattoo-inspired designs that you are likely to find. Many of their designs come from truly alternative tattoo styles, like day of the dead celebrations from Spain and Latin America or punk rock iconography.
Get Well Up To Date With Poizen Industries Latest Creation Vixxsin Clothing
If you love designs that are full of attitude or you adore the newest movement towards tattoo fashion then Vixxsin clothes could easily barge their way into your wardrobe. Although much of their clothing is drawn towards a simple monochrome finish the designs by Vixxsin are always interesting and ideally catered towards alternative culture.

It’s clear that clothing by Vixxsin is already turning heads. They've caught the attention of big UK magazines like Alt Fashion, making this nothing but a flourishing set up, on the cusp of alternative fashion and industrial clothing breakthrough. With a hint of punk and in-your-face attitude this versatile brand appeals to guys and girls who are bang inline with alternative fashion. Vixxsin may just become your next port of call.

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Vixxsin Clothing

Poizen Industries Net Top (Pink)
Poizen Industries Net Top (Pink)
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