Rock and Roll Clothing

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Rock and Roll Clothing

We all know rock and roll clothing is one of the most popular and long living trends on the fashion scene and this is because of the outstanding edge that rock n roll clothes bring to style. This form of clothing has been around since the 50's and is also known as the ‘Teddy Boy’ style.

Dress Like A 50's Rocker With Rock And Roll Clothing

A great era, the 50's was a brilliant decade for fashion and produced some legendary fashion trends, including the rock and roll style, which we still wear today. Some epic styles came from this era, which inspired some of the best rock and roll clothing on the fashion scene.

Some of these styles include:
  • The Leather Jacket: This iconic design is one that has been around for years and is a perfect example of the rock and roll and biker styles. Fashioned by many celebrities and rock stars, the leather jacket is truly a legendary design from the rock n roll era.
  • Boots: The boots that came from the 50s rock and roll era aren’t like normal shoes, these are the lace up, dark coloured, leather ankle boots that seem to be resistant from everything. The style that they gave was like rock n roll clothing that really worked for stars and are still very popular today.
  • High Waisted Bottoms: In the 50s, high waisted fashion was extremely popular; whether women were wearing skirts, jeans or dresses, a belt would easily show off the high waisted style.

Go For A Retro Look With Rock And Roll Clothing

All of this rock and roll clothing has certainly made an impact on the fashion of today and some of these styles are even more popular now than they were back then. Designers of today have taken rock and roll clothes and given them new twists that really work for the fashion industry.

However, no matter how much they try to change the 50s style it will still have that retro image that we all love. Keeping its place in the fashion industry, rock and roll clothing is a truly unforgettable era for fashion that we will be trending for years to come.
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