1.2 x 8mm Opal Steel Barbell (Clear)
1.2 x 8mm Opal Steel Barbell (Clear)

A smiley piercing is one of the most alternative piercings around and is being picked by many as their most desired piercing. This oral piercing goes through the frenulum in the upper lip, which connects the lip to the gums. This fold can be easily pierced and has risen to prominence since its first recorded instance in the mid 90’s. Like many oral piercings than involve frenulum (connective tissue inside the mouth such as tongue webbing etc) this is a very modern piercing that is still considered incredibly exotic. The reason for the name "smiley” piercing is because this piercing is almost entirely invisible (particularly if you wear small body jewellery) until you smile widely and reveal this awesome oral piercing. A great mixture of a private and public piercing, it’s easy to see why this body modification has grown so much in popularity because it’s so easy to surprise people with it!

Body jewellery for a smiley piercing usually involves a BCR or a curved barbell. Some people choose to get larger sized BCR’s so that their piercing is visible all the time but this can put additional strain on the frenulum if you oversize it. As with all oral piercings, there is a danger of gum erosion and tooth decay unless you keep an eye on what your piercing is doing to the surrounding area inside your mouth. If you experience discomfort or you notice a change in your gums then you should return to your piercer or remove the piercing as all effects could result in permanent damage. A piercing that is reportedly very quick to heal (4-12 weeks), a smiley piercing is also prone to rejection and some have stated their frenulum piercing has simply "fallen out” after a year. This is most likely down to the individual’s anatomy and you should be prepared for rejection with their oral piercing.

Aftercare of a smiley piercing is similar to other oral piercings. Avoid smoking, alcohol or spicy foods initially so as not to irritate the piercing whilst it heals. You should use a PHP neutral mouthwash after meals and whenever you want to cleanse your piercing and a saline solution to keep your piercing clean. You can get a smiley piercing through the frenulum in the lower lip and this is known as a frowny piercing.

Smiley Piercing Tips
  • 4-12 weeks healing time
  • Can cause gum and tooth damage so keep an eye on the surrounding area after the initial piercing
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy foods in the first few weeks of healing
  • Cleanse with a PHP neutral mouthwash or saline solution (obviously don’t swallow the salt solution)
  • Typical body jewellery includes BCR’s and barbells, a larger BCR will be more visible
  • In some people, this piercing is always out of sight and will only be visible if you physically lift up your lip with your finger. For others, the edge of this oral piercing may always be visible and be very prominent when smiling. Personal anatomy can make this piercing vary hugely.
  • Not uncommon for this piercing to reject, including long after the piercing has healed

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