What is a Genital Piercings - Male?

Location: Male Genitals
Jewellery: Rings, Barbells
Healing: Varies From 4 Weeks To Months

There are a number of male genital piercings, with many focusing on different areas of the genital region. It’s no surprise this can leave most men feeling squeamish.
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Male Genital Piercing Placement
There are several different areas of the male genitals that can be pierced, some more extreme than others.
Male Genital Piercing Jewellery
A simple ring or circular bar are the most common types of jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the Male Genital area.
Male Genital Piercing Process
Some people say that a male genital piercing less painful than nipple or even ear piercings, but it varies from person to person.
Male Genital Piercing Aftercare
Healing time varies depending on the area of the male genitals pierced. Consult your piercer for full details.

More About Genital Piercings - Male

A piercer recently reported that many guys compare a genital piercing with a nipple piercing and say that the nipple was far more painful! As male genitals can vary hugely, you may find that there are some piercings that simply aren’t suited to your anatomy and all piercings around the penis must take into account the change in shape and size that an erection will create. 

Of course, all male genital piercings must be performed by an experienced piercer who is comfortable with this method of body modification. With piercings that pass through the penis, such as the prince albert and the apadravya, an experienced piercer is essential as they will know how to piercer around or through the urethra and important blood vessels. It may seem quite shocking but urinating blood immediately after your piercing is not uncommon, though you should see your piercer or GP if this problem persists. A genital piercing will often heal quickly, due to the amount of blood in the area but they can migrate, so you should return to your piercer if you notice any significant change in placement. Male genital piercings are still considered a relatively extreme piercing but there are many experienced piercers that can easily perform the varieties available. 
  • Prince Albert Piercing: One of the few male genital piercings that many people know by name, this piercing enters on the underside of the penis and exits through the urethra. 
  • Ampallang Piercing: A piercing that passes through the penis horizontally. The placement of this can change depending on the individual so can be above or below the urethra. This is considered to be the most painful genital piercing and can affect sexual comfort. 
  • Apadravya Piercing: This piercing travels through the glans from top to bottom, often passing through the urethra. Reported as more painful initially but more secure once healed, including during sexual activity. 
  • Frenulum Piercing: A horizontal piercing across the base of the penis on its underside. Doesn’t interact with the urethra or even the main shaft of the penis.
  • Hafada Piercing: A scrotal piercing that goes through the side of the testicular region near the top. Placement is very important here to avoid rubbing against underwear. 
  • Male Pubic Piercing: A surface piercing that is located where the top of the penis joins the body. 
With all male genital piercings, aftercare is very important. Cleanse daily with a saline solution and avoid being submerged in water whilst the piercing is healing. Sexual activity is not advised until the piercing is fully healed and you must keep an eye on how your piercing is reacting to underwear etc. 

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