Green Skinny Jeans

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Green Skinny Jeans

Alternative green skinny jeans are just the thing you need to create an unusual and stand out look. This colour is one of the most varied around, with everything from dark green skinny jeans to lime shades now available.

Although not for everyone, this colour helps to create a unique look and image that certainly ensures you’ll get noticed on the high street and when out and about. The sheer variety on offer means that funky skinnies will suit just about everyone, which is why they can be found in our women’s skinny jeans section as well as on our guys page. As part of the new ‘colour is everything’ fashion, some green skinny jeans are a must-have.

It's Not Easy Being Green? Not With These Green Skinny Jeans!

The best thing about green skinny jeans is that they can create loads of different looks and styles, depending on what you need or want.  Now we appreciate that when it comes to men’s skinny jeans, green is going to be green and that’s the end of it. But with women, green skinny fit jeans can open up a world of possibilities depending on what shade you choose:
  • Lime Green – Perfect for the neon scene, these funky skinnies will definitely get you noticed.  If you want to be known as someone who likes to have fun, these are for you.
  • Dark Green – A more subtle shade, dark green skinny jeans are for those who still want a bit of colour in their outfit but don’t want to go over the top.
  • Olive Green – If you want to create a military look, this is the colour for you.  Team your jeans with a pair of boots and a vest top and you’ll look amazing.
  • Kelly Green – Think of the Irish flag and you’re pretty much there with this shade.  If you want fashionable coloured skinnies that can go with just about everything, these are for you.
As well as taking the high street by storm, green skinny jeans have also been seen on A-list celebrities and some of the world’s biggest bands. Although not everyone’s role model, Cheryl Cole is known as someone who knows fashion and if she wears green skinny fit jeans, we know it’s time to take notice. 

Update Your Wardrobe With Your Favourite Colour By Collecting Green Skinny Jeans

Here at Blue Banana we’ve always made sure we’ve got a great selection of unisex funky skinnies in stock so you’ve got plenty to choose from. Now that they’re well and truly in fashion, we’ll be getting more in so that you aren’t left behind. If you haven’t already got a pair of dark green skinny jeans in your wardrobe, make sure you add some to your collection.

We think you’ll agree that the versatility and choice of green skinny jeans is something quite amazing in the world of fashion. Very few colours come in so many shades that can suit your style or personality. So if you like to express yourself through your clothing, green is definitely the colour for you. 

Capable of being casual during the day or being dressed up at night, these skinny jeans will go with just about everything. Suitable for guys and girls, each pair of our skinnies provides the perfect cut and fit so that you look and feel great. If this sounds like something you can’t wait to get your hands on, check out our green skinny jeans now.
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