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Yellow Skinny Jeans

Bright and bold yellow skinny jeans are the hottest new colour for what has become a revolution against the traditional coloured skinnies. Blue and indigo are old news as brand new coloured stretch skinny jeans sweep through the fashion world with their bold and irresistible style.

Yellow Skinny Jeans For Men & Women

Men and women alike are being seen in brighter and more standout colours, including yellow skinnies with their effortless appeal. Indeed, many of these jeans are unisex to allow for guys and girls to pick from a range of colours and styles. Like many coloured skinny jeans, you can find yellow denim in a range of shades that allow you to either pick the brightest available or a more subtle (but nonetheless intense) colour:
  • Bright Yellow – A surprisingly attractive colour for all seasons, people often balk at the idea of intense yellow skinnies but they can be combined with white for a bright and breezy look or black for a sophisticated and appealing style. 

  • Corn Yellow – A lighter shade that has grown in popularity, getting skinny jeans in this colour makes for great outfits with pastel shades or greens

  • Mustard Yellow – A darker shade that is also compatible with a lot of other colours, you can add boots and accessories to really contrast these skinnies

  • Tan – Ideal for men and women who love more urban shades, these coloured skinny fit jeans are incredibly accessible and whilst they may not be the brightness yellow skinnies, they still create an amazing look. 

  • Shimmer Yellow – Some brands are taking the natural glow of yellow skinnies and adding a whole new dimension with a shimmering finish. This ensures that your jeans will certainly turn heads and is great for a night out. 
For some, yellow skinny jeans can seem like a risk and people worry about whether they will have anything to wear with them. That’s why the new style of bright and illuminating colours is so versatile and flexible, allowing you to mix vibrant colours for a gorgeous and slightly clashing look that is utterly unique. If you love coloured skinny jeans then yellow is the ultimate shade to purchase, being a great colour to wear all year round in rain or shine.

Yellow Skinnies For Ladies

Women’s stretch skinny jeans are exceptionally comfortable and yellow skinnies in particular can look fantastic with a pair of knee high or mid-length boots so you can create a sophisticated look just as easily as a casual style to wear day-to-day. The best thing about yellow is that it will really bring out the colours in your outfit, making reds, greens and even whites really stand out from the rest. We’d advise adding yellow accessories to yellow skinny fit jeans if you’re a girl, because nothing looks better with this coloured denim than some chunky yellow jewellery or sunglasses! 

Yellow Skinnies For Men

A pair of guys yellow skinny fit jeans can be far more tame, leaning more into tans and mustard yellows rather than the bright sunshine colours that we find for women. Not to say that men can’t pull it off and top brands like Monkee Genes and Criminal Damage are always looking for the newest shade that will give alternative guys a standalone style. You can get yourself a blazing yellow pair of skinnies to really grab attention and also to enjoy the comfort that all our stretch skinny jeans have to offer.

With an intense colour that won’t fade or let you down, yellow is the hottest new colour to come onto the market for denim and it’s easy to see why such an intense colour is finding such an intense following. 

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