Colourful Skinny Jeans

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Colourful Skinny Jeans

A pair of colourful skinny fit jeans are the latest way to bring a dash of bright colour to your look. Skinny fit jeans have been popular amongst youths for many years and have become a fashion staple for many thanks to their slim fitting and comfortable design.

Many denim jeans are dyed with indigo to produce the blue colour that we see on a regular basis but our range of coloured skinnies create a palette of distinctive colours that grab attention and bring a whole new side to alternative fashion. Our coloured skinny fit jeans come in a range of shades and can be worn daily or on a night out if you really want your outfit to shine.

Lighten Up Your Look With Colourful Skinny Jeans!

Consider planning some outfits around a pair of bright jeans in these colourful shades:
  • Red - For a punk rock look, red and black go fantastically together.
  • Pink – Mix with a white tee with these bright jeans for a cute, colourful look or combine with more bright colours for a vintage skinnies style.
  • Purple – Blue and black work for this intense dyed denim, mix with purple accessories or eye makeup to really announce the colour.
  • Tan – The perfect colour for an active lifestyle that is also totally alternative, this is a great way to play with coloured jeans. 
  • Green – Get combat style jeans to give your style a boost, mix with other dark colours for a stylish, sleek look. 
  • White - The brightest skinny jeans around, get your denim in white for an electric look that can be mixed with any shade for a brilliant two-tone style. 
As colourful skinny jeans become the next big thing in alternative fashion, it’s easy to see how companies such as Monkee Jeans and Criminal Damage are working to bring out the most vibrant ranges of colours to their dyed denim. This is particularly true for women’s skinny fit jeans, which are coming out in ever more bold and eye catching colours to keep up with a demand for bright and attractive shades.

Women love skinny fit jeans because they can be mixed with colourful makeup to create a whole outfit as well as being easy to add to boring everyday looks for a touch of style. You can also find a range of coloured men’s skinny fit jeans, which excel at giving men a range of intense colours to choose from, as well as casual khaki and tan colours for everyday wear.

Almost Every Shade Of The Rainbow - Colourful Skinny Jeans!

In the alternative scene, colour is used to extreme effects and so it’s no surprise that a range of colourful skinny jeans have been created by some of the hottest alternative brands in the industry. 

Whatever colourful skinny fit jeans catch your eye, whether they’re purple, beige or white, you can be certain that each pair will still come with all the comfort that you love from this unique cut. Made from comfortable cotton that has been dyed to create a unique new shade, some of our coloured skinny fit jeans are available with lycra and spandex to give you the perfect amount of flexibility whilst you’re wearing them.

Ranging from bright jeans that can’t help but be noticed to more subtle shades such as burgundy and plum that blend effortlessly with other colours, you can stay ahead of the crowd with a pair of colourful skinny fit jeans. 
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