What is a Female Genital Piercing?

Location: Female Genital
Jewellery: Ring, Curved Bar
Healing: Varies Depending On Location

For many, female genital piercings are the ultimate in alternative piercings but they have actually been around for far longer than many people think.
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Female Genital Piercing: Placement
There are a variety of different areas where a female genital piercing can be safely placed without trouble.
Female Genital Piercing: Jewellery
A simple ring or curved barbell are the most common types of clitoris jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the Female Genital area.
Female Genital Piercing: Process
Some people report feeling more pain than other parts of the body, but many say it is less painful than a traditional piercing.
Female Genital Piercing: Aftercare
Healing time depends on the area but is usually around 8 weeks, but check with your piercer about exact times for your piercing.

More About Female Genital Piercing

Many women get genital piercings for personal reasons and the private nature of the piercing means that it can be achieved without any outside knowledge. Piercers have commented that many women who ask for female genital piercings display no other forms of body modification, suggesting that these piercings arenít just for those who have tried many other piercings and are looking for the next thrill. They are also the fastest growing form of womenís body modification and have become less taboo in recent years.

With female genital piercings, itís incredibly important that you choose an experienced piercer who is familiar with the layout of the body. Some piercers require a consultation as female genitalia can vary hugely, which can restrict the kinds of piercings that might be available to you. This form of womenís body modification is probably the one most people wince about when they think of it but a well-trained piercer should be able to give you an effective piercing that results initially in only a tight pinch. Immediately afterwards you may feel discomfort or warmth and itís incredibly important that you keep your genital piercing clean by cleansing it at least twice a day with a saline solution. The healing time often depends on which female genital piercing youíre receiving but sexual activity is strictly forbidden for at least the first 10 days of healing and that you use a condom for any activities until your piercing is completely healed (even with a long term partner). 

It is Blue Banana policy that anyone obtaining a female genital piecing will have a witness in the room (a member of staff) to oversee the procedure. If you choose a piercer who is not fully experienced then a botched body modification in this area can lead to a reduced amount of feeling in the groin or even (in extreme cases) a complete loss. With body jewellery in this area, you should always use internally threaded barbells rather than externally threaded ones as they can trap body fluids when used for genital piercings.  If youíre interested in female genital piercings then you should know that his form of womenís body modification can vary hugely:

Clitoral Hood Piercing
Piercing of the clitoral hood, either vertically or horizontally. The vertical version of this genital piercing is far more common and can be worn with a barbell or BCR body jewellery. One of the piercings most associated with enhanced sexual pleasure but can lead to numbing if not performed properly. Healing time is approximately 4-6 weeks. 

Labia Piercing
You can achieve a female genital piercing either through the inner or outer labia, which will change the healing time required. The inner labia will take approximately 4-6 weeks and the outer labia 6-8 weeks. 

Christina Piercing
A surface piercing that is located at the top of the female genitals. It passes from the top of the clitoral hood to the pubic mound and is a very eye catching womenís body modification.

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