What is a Nostril Piercing?

Location: Nostril
Jewellery: Stud, Ring, Screw
Healing: 3 to 4 months or longer

As nostril piercings become more and more common, it’s easy to forget that this facial body modification is also one of the earliest known kinds of piercing. A sign of beauty amongst women in India, the left side is traditionally preferred and this nose piercing has been carried out since the 16th century.
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Nostril Piercing Placement
A nose stud, ring or screw is inserted in either nostril and can vary in height levels.
Nostril Piercing Jewellery
A simple stud, ring or screw are the most common types of jewellery as they are the most comfortable in the Nostril area.
Nostril Piercing Process
Piercers usually complete this from the outside in. You'll probably find this process will make your eyes water!
Nostril Piercing Aftercare
Healing time is 3 to 4 months, often longer. Take care of your piercing in the same way as you would for any other piercing.

More About Nostril Piercings

A nostril piercing is associated with Australian Aboriginal culture but its only in the last few decades that nostril piercings have gained mainstream popularity. Many Blue Banana piercers claim that, after ear piercings, nostril piercings are the most common facial body modification that they perform, demonstrating how popular this piercing has become.

Though nostril piercings became popular amongst punk rockers in the 1980’s it has managed to retain its links to historical culture, unlike other modern day piercings such as the tongue and eyebrow. Many view nostril piercings as more wide acceptable than other forms of facial body modification, though many schools still bar students from having them on school grounds. Some people choose to wear clear retainers in their nose piercing during work or education, rendering the nostril piercing far less noticeable. 

Nostril piercings take 4-6 weeks to heal and this can easily be extended due to the placement of the piercing. Because of its placement over an airway a nostril may come into contact with more bacteria than other piercings and developing a cold during the healing process can cause complications. You shouldn’t attempt to change your piercing for the first month of healing as a nose piercing can close over incredibly fast. You have a range of body jewellery that can be worn with nostril piercings:

  • Nose Studs – Studs designed specifically for the nostrils that feature a curled edge to keep the piercing comfortably in place. 
  • Ball Closure Rings – Ensure you get the correct size for your nostril and be careful when getting changed so that it doesn’t catch on anything. 
Nose chains can be worn with nostril piercings, connecting the nose stud to a pierced ear with a chain. This chain is commonly made of metal but can also be made of plastic or even rosary beads. This was a classical Indian fashion for piercings, often used during wedding ceremonies and now this way of presenting facial body modification has grown in popularity amongst the gothic movement. Nostril piercings are far more common amongst women than men and nose chains are another almost exclusively female accessory. 

Tips With Nostril Piercings
  • Healing time is approximately 4-6 weeks but this can vary hugely depending on the person. Nostril piercings can also experience delayed healing due to their close proximity to the bacteria in the nose. 
  • Leave your first piercing in for as long as needed as nostril piercings can close over incredibly quickly. 
  • Clean your facial body modification at least twice a day with a saline solution. Rise the outside of the nose as well as the inside using a cotton bud. Pat dry with paper towels or tissues afterwards rather than towels.

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