What is a Daith Piercing?

Location: Ear, Daith
Jewellery: Ring, Curved Barbell
Healing: 3 to 9 months

A daith piercing is a perforation of the ear cartilage just above the entrance to the ear canal. Most ears have a pierceable piece of cartilage at the top of the canal, although some people will find their anatomy does not allow for a daith piercing to be performed as the piece of cartilage may be too small. If a confident piercer completes this style it can look brilliant.
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Daith Piercing Placement
Resting deep in the shell of the ear above the canal opening, this ridge of cartilage provides a great area for a subtle piercing.
Daith Piercing Jewellery
Usually a daith piercing is filled with a ring or curved bar which matches the size of the ear and facial profile to ensure comfort.
Daith Piercing Process
A daith piercing is tricky to perform, being as close to an internal piercing as you can get. Some piercers will use a curved needle.
Daith Piercing Aftercare
Healing time is around 3 to 9 months but is easy cartilage to heal because of its protected location. Keep dirty mobile phones away!

More About Daith Piercing

One of the more unusual ear piercings, a daith piercing certainly canít be mistaken for anything else. As well as being unusual, it is surprisingly subtle and attractive because the ear seems to almost frame the jewellery, which looks absolutely brilliant. While other cartilage piercings are often troublesome to heal, the daith piercing is more likely to heal without a hitch thanks to its unique position within the bowl of the ear, giving it a greater level of protection even while you sleep.

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